Appendix IV

Extracts relating to Burton

From the Index to the Publications of the Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, including the Journal and Transactions of the Ethnological Society of London (1843-1871); the Journal and Memoirs of the Anthropological Society of London (1863-1871); the Anthropological Review; and the Journal of the Anthropological Institute (1871-1891).

On the Akkas.  Title only, with Remarks by E. B. Tylor.  27th March 1888. J.A.I., [FN#705] xviii., 121.
On Anthropological Collections from the Holy Land.  With Discussion. 20th November 1871.  3 plates. J.A.I., 300-312, 319, 320.
No. II.  With Discussion.  4th December 1871.  (2 plates). J.A.I., i., 331-345.
No. III.  (Notes on the Hamah Stones, with Reduced Transcripts.) With Discussion.  4th  March 1872.  (10 plates.)  J.A.I., ii., 41-52, 62, 63.
A Day among the Fans.  17th February 1863.  T.E.S.,[FN#706] iii., 36-47.
A Day among the Fans.  A.R.,[FN#707] i., 43-54.
A Day among the Fans.  Discussion.  24th March, 1863.  A.R., i., 185.
Ethnological Notes on M. du Chaillu's Explorations and Adventures in Equatorial Africa.  T.E.S. i., 316-326.
Farewell Dinner given by the Anthropological Society to R. F. B. before his departure for South America, 4th April, 1865.  A.R., iii., 167-182.
Flint Flakes from Egypt.  13th November 1877.  (Wood cut.)  J.A.I., vii., 323, 324.
On an Hermaphrodite from the Cape de Verde Islands.  Notice only. 17th April 1866.  A.R., iv. J.A.S.,[FN#708] p. cl. xxv.
On Human Remains and other Articles from Iceland.  With Discussion. 19th November 1872.  J.A.I., ii., 342-344, 346, 347.
Kitchen-Midden in Brazil.  Anthrop.[FN#709] 44.
Letter.  15th May 1866.  A.R. iv., J.A.S., pp. cxciii., cxciv.
Letter.  Antrop., 2, 3.
The Long Wall of Salona and the Ruined Cities of Pharia and Gelsa di Lesina.  With Discussion.  8th July 1875.  (2 plates and woodcut.) J.A.I., v., 252-299.
A Mission to Dahome.  Review by W. W. Reade.  A.R. ii., 335.
Notes on the Castellieri or Prehistoric Ruins of the Istrian Peninsula.  Anthrop., 376.
Notes on Certain Matters connected with the Dahoman.  1st November 1864.  M.A.S.,[FN#710] i., 308-321.
Discussion on ditto.  A.R., iii., J.A.S., pp. vi.-xi.
Notes on an Hermaphrodite.  1st May 1866.  M.A.S., 262-263.
Notes on Scalping.  A.R., ii., 49-52.
Notes on Waitz's Anthropology.  A.R., ii., 233-250.
Obituary Notice.  By E.W. Brabrook.  J.A.I., xx., 295-298.
The Pelagosa Finds.  Title only.  14th March 1876.  J.A.I., vi., 54.
The Present State of Dahome.  22nd November 1864.  T.E.S., iii., 400-408.
The Primoridal Inhabitants of Minas Geraes, and the Occupations of the Present Inhabitants.  With Discussion.  7th January, 1873. J.A.I., ii., 407-423.
Reply to letter on Castellieri dell'Istria.  Anthrop., 412.
On Slavery in Brazil.  A.R., vi., 56.
Stones and Bones from Egypt and Midian.  10th December 1878. (2 plates.)  J.A.I., viii., 290-319.
A Word to the Reader.  Anthrop., 375.
Captain Burton.  A.R., vi., 462,
Yabrud.  Captain Burton's Collection.  By Dr. C. Carter Blake. J.A.I., ii., 58.
Marcy, Randolph B.  (Captain U.S. Army), The Prairie Traveller. Edited by Burton.  Review.  A.R., i., 145-149.
On Skulls from Annabom in the West African Seas.  By Burton and C. Blake.  19th April 1864.  A.R., ii., J.A.S., pp. ccxxx., ccxxxi.
Burton and Cameron on Stone implements from the Gold Coast. With Discussion.  11th July 1882.  (Plate.)  J.A.I., xii., 449-454.
Burton and Antonio Scampecchio (LL.D.) and Antonio Covaz.  More Castellieri (The Seaboard of Istria).  13th November 1877.  J.A.I., vii., 341-363.
Burton's Explorations in the Brazil.  Review.  A.R., vii., 170.