Appendix V

Bibliography of Foster FitzGerald Arbuthnot

1. Early Ideas. A group of Hindoo Stories. Collected by an Aryan. 1881.
2. Persian Portraits. A Sketch of Persian History, Literature and Politics. 1887.
3. Arabic Authors. A Manual of Arabian History and Literature. 1890.
4. The Rauzat-us-safa. ... By Muhammed ibu Khavendshah bin Mahmud, commonly called Mirkhond. Edited by F. F. Arbuthnot. 1891.
5. The Assemblies of Al Hariri. ... Prefaced and indexed by F. F. Arbuthnot. 8. 1898.
6. The Mysteries of Chronology. 1900.
7. Life of Balzac. Unpublished. 1902.