Two Trips Two Gorilla Land

Volume 2

Table of Contents

  1. From Fernando Po to Loango Bay
  2. To São Paulo De Loanda
  3. The Festival
  4. The Cruise along Shore
  5. Into the Congo River
  6. Up the Congo River
  7. Our Outfit for the Interior
  8. A Visit to Banza Chisalla
  9. Up the Congo to Banza Nokki
  10. Notes on the Nzadi or Congo River
  11. Life at Banza Nokki
  12. Preparations for the March
  13. The March to Banza Nkulu
  14. The Yellala of the Congo
  15. Return to the Congo Mouth
  16. The Slaver and the Missionary in the Congo River
  17. Concluding Remarks

    Appendix Meteorological
    Plants collected
    Heights of Stations
    Immigration Africaine

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