The Land of Midian (Revisited)

Volume 1
Part I:
The March Through Madyan Proper
1. Preliminary--from Trieste to Midian
2. The Start--from El Muwaylah to the "White Mountain" and 'Aynunah
3. Breaking New Ground to Maghair Shu'ayb
4. Notices of Precious Metals in Midian
5. Work At, and Excursions From, Maghair Shu'ayb
6. To Makna, and Our Work There
7. Cruise from Makna to El'akabah
8. Cruise from El'akabah to El Muwaylah

Part II: The March Through Central and Eastern Midian.
9. Work in and Around El Muwaylah
10. Through East Midian to the Hisma

Volume 2

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