Introduction.--Story of King Shehriyar and his Brother.
          a. Story of the Ox and the Ass
1. The Merchant and the Genie i
          a. The First Old Man's Story iv
          b. The Second Old Man's Story vi
          c. The Third Old Man's Story viii
2. The Fisherman and the Genie viii
          a. Story of the Physician Douban xi
                    aa. Story of the Jealous Man and the Parrot (226)
                    ab. Story of the King's Son and the Ogress xv
          b. Story of the Enchanted Youth xxi
3. The Porter and the Three Ladies of Baghdad xxviii
          a. The First Calender's Story xxxvii
          b. The Second Calender's Story xl
                    ba. The Envier and the Envied xlvi
          c. The Third Calender's Story liii
          d. The Eldest Lady's Story lxiii
          e. Story of the Portress lxvii
4. The Three Apples lxix
5. Noureddin Ali of Cairo and his Son Bedreddin Hassan lxxii
6. Story of the Hunchback cii
          a. The Christian Broker's Story cvii
          b. The Controller's Story cxix
          c. The Jewish Physician's Story cxxix
          d. The Tailor's Story cxxxvii
          e. The Barber's Story cxlix
                    ea. Story of the Barber's First Brother ci
                    eb. Story of the Barber's Second Brother cliv
                    ec. Story of the Barber's Third Brother clvii
                    ed. Story of the Barber's Fourth Brother clviii
                    ee. Story of the Barber's Fifth Brother clx
                    ef. Story of the Barber's Sixth Brother clxiv
7. Ali ben Bekkar and Shemsennehar clxix
8. Noureddin Ali and the Damsel Enis el Jelii cxcix
9. Kemerezzeman and Budour ccxviii
10. The Enchanted Horse ccxlir
11. The Voyages of Sindbad the Sailor ccxliv
          a. The First Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor cclii
          b. The Second Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor ccliii
          c. The Third Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor cclv
          d. The Fourth Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor cclix
          e. The Fifth Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor cclxiii
          f. The Sixth Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor cclxvi
          g. The Seventh Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor cclxix
12. Asleep and Awake cclxxi
          a. The Lackpenny and the Cook cclxxiii
13. Seif el Mulouk and Bediya el Jemal ccxci
14. Khelif the Fisherman (227)
15. Ghanim ben Eyoub the Slave of Love cccxxxii
          a. Story of the Eunuch Sewab (228)
          b. Story of the Eunuch Kafour ,,
16. Uns el Wujoud and the Vizier's Daughter Rose- in-bud cccxli
17. The Merchant of Oman cccliv
18. Ardeshir and Heyat en Nufous ccclxiv
19. Hassan of Bassora and the King's Daughter of the Jinn cclxxxvi
20. Haroun er Reshid and the three Poets ccccxxxii
21. Omar ben Abdulaziz and the Poets ccccxxxii
22. El Hejjaj and the three Young Mem ccccxxxiv
23. Er Reshid and the Woman of the Barmecides ccccxxxiv
24. The Ten Viziers; or the History of King Azad- bekht and his Son ccccxxxv
          a. The Unlucky Merchant ccccxl
          b. The Merchant and his Sons ccccxliv
          c. Abou Sabir ccccxlviii
          d. Prince Bihzad ccccliii
          e. King Dadbin and his Viziers cccclv
          f. King Bekhtzeman cccclxi
          g. King Bihkerd cccclxiv
          h. Ilan Shah and Abou Temam cccclxvi
          i. King Ibrahim and his Son cccclxxi
          j. King Suleiman Shah and his Sons cccclxxv
          k. The Prisoner and how God gave him Relief . cccclxxxv
25. The City of Brass cccclxxxvii
26. Nimeh ben er Rebya and Num his Slave-girl di
27. Alaeddin Abou es Shamat dxx
28. Hatim Tai; his Generosity after Death dxxxi
29. Maan ben Zaideh and the three Girls dxxxii
30. Maan ben Zaideh and the Bedouin dxxxii
31. The City of Lebtait dxxxii
32. The Khalif Hisham and the Arab Youth dxxxiv
33. Ibrahim ben el Mehdi and the Barber-Surgeon dxxxiv
34. The City of Irem dxxxviii
35. Isaac of Mosul's Story of Khedijeh and the Khalif Mamoun dxl
36. The Mock Khalif dxliii
37. The Imam Abou Yousuf with Er Reshid and Jaafer dlv
38. The Lover who feigned himself a Thief to save his Mistress's Honour dlvii
39. Abou Mohammed the Lazy dlviii
40. Jaafer ben Yehya and Abdulmelik ben Salih dlxv
41. Jaafer ben Yehya (229)
and the Man who forged a Letter in his Name dlxvi
42. Er Reshid and the Barmecides dlxvii
43. Ibn es Semmak and Er Reshid dlxviii
44. El Mamoun and Zubeideh dlxviii
45. Ali Shir (230)
and Zumurrud dlxix
46. The Loves of Budour and Jubeir ben Umeir dlxxxvii
47. The Man of Yemen and his six Slave-girls dxcv
48. Haroun Er Reshid with the Damsel and Abou Nuwas dc
49. The Man who stole the Dog's Dish of Gold dcii
50. El Melik en Nasir and the Three Masters of Police dciii
          a. Story of the Chief of the New Cairo Police dciv
          b. Story of the Chief of the Boulac Police dcv
          c. Story of the Chief of the Old Cairo Police dcv
51. The Thief and the Money-changer dcv
52. Ibrahim ben el Mehdi and the Merchant's Sister dcvi
53. King Kelyaad (231)
of Hind and his Vizier Shimas dcix
          a. The Cat and the Mouse dcix
          b. The Fakir and his Pot of Butter dcx
          c. The Fishes and the Crab dcxi
          d. The Crow and the Serpent dcxi
          e. The Fox and the Wild Ass dcxi
          f. The Unjust King and the Pilgrim Prince dcxii
          g. The Crows and the Hawk dcxiii
          h. The Serpent-Charmer and his Wife dcxiv
          i. The Spider and the Wind dcxv
          j. The Two Kings dcxvi
          k. The Blind Man and the Cripple dcxvi
          l. The Foolish Fisherman . dcxxvi
          m. The Boy and the Thieves dcxxvii
          n. The Man and his Wilful Wife dcxxviii
          o. The Merchant and the Thieves dcxxix
          p. The Foxes and the Wolf dcxxx
          q. The Shepherd and the Thief dcxxxii
          r. The Heathcock and the Tortoises dcxxxiv
54. The Woman whose Hands were cut off for Almsgiving dcxli
55. The Poor Man and his Generous Friend dcxliii
56. The Ruined Man who became Rich again through a Dream dcxliv
57. Abou Nuwas with the Three Boys and the Khalif Haroun er Reshid dcxlv
58. The Lovers of the Benou Udhreh (232)
59. El Mutelemmis and his Wife Umeimeh dcxlviii
60. Haroun Er Reshid and Zubeideh in the Bath dcxlviii
61. Musab ben ez Zubeir and Aaisheh his Wife dcxlix
62. Aboulaswed and his Squinting Slave-girl dcli
63. Haroun er Reshid and the Two Girls dcli
64. Haroun er Reshid and the Three Girls dcli
65. The Simpleton and the Sharper dclii
66. The Imam Abou Yousuf with Er Reshid and Zubeideh dclii
67. The Khalif El Hakim and the Merchant dcliii
68. Kisra Anoushirwan and the Village Damsel dcliii
69. The Water-Carrier and the Goldsmith's Wife dcliv
70. Khusrau and Shirin and the Fisherman dclvi
71. Yehya ben Khalid and the Poor Man dclvi
73. Mohammed el Amin and Jaafer ben el Hadi dclvii
73. The Woman's Trick against her Husband dclviii
74. The Devout Woman and the Two Wicked Elders dclix
75 El Fezl ben Rebiya (233)
and the Old Bedouin dclx
76 En Numan and the Arab of the Benou Tai dclx
77 The Draper and the Thief (234)
78. Mesrour and Ibn el Caribi dclxii
79. The Devout Prince dclxiv
80. The Schoolmaster who fell in Love by Report dclxv
81. The Foolish Schoolmaster dclxvi
82. The Ignorant Man who set up for a Schoolmaster dclxvii
83. Adi ben Zeid and the Princess Hind dclxviii
84. Dibil el Khuzai with the Lady and Muslim ben el Welid dclxx
85. Isaac of Mosul and the Merchant dclxx
86. The Three Unfortunate Lovers dclxxii
87. The Lovers of the Benou Tai dclxxiii
88. The Mad Lover dclxxiv
89. Firous and his Wife dclxxv
90. The Apples of Paradise dclxxvi
91. The Loves of Abou Isa and Curret el Ain dclxxviii
92. El Amin and his Uncle Ibrahim ben el Mehdi dclxxxii
93. El Feth ben Khacan and El Mutawekkil dclxxxiii
94. The Man's Dispute with the Learned Woman of the relative Excellence of the Sexes dclxxxiii
95. Abou Suweid and the Handsome Old Woman dclxxxvii
96. Ali ben Tahir and the Girl Mounis dclxxxviii
97. The Woman who had a Boy and the other who had a Man to Lover dclxxxviii
98. The Haunted House in Baghdad dclxxxviii
99. The History of Gherib and his brother Agib dcxcviii
100. The Rogueries of Delileh the Crafty and her Daughter Zeyneb the Trickstress dcclvi
101. The Adventures of Quicksilver Ali of Cairo dcclxvi
102. Jouder and his Brothers dcclxxv
103. Julnar of the Sea and her Son King Bedr Basim of Persia dccxciv
104. Mesrour and Zein el Mewasif dcccxxi
105. Ali Noureddin and the Frank King's Daughter dcccxxxi
106. The Man of Upper Egypt and his Frank Wife dccclxii
107. The Ruined Man of Baghdad and his Slave-girl dccclxiv
108. Aboukir the Dyer and Abousir the Barber dccclxvii
109. Abdallah the Fisherman and Abdallah the Merman dccclxxvii
110. King Shah Bekhi and his Vizier Er Rehwan dccclxxxv
          a. The Man of Khorassan, his Son and his Governor dccclxxxvi
          b. The Singer and the Druggist dccclxxxviii
          c. The King who knew the Quintessence of Things dcccxci
          d. The Rich Man who gave his Fair Daughter in Marriage to the Poor Old Man dcccxcii
          e. The Rich Man and his Wasteful Son dcccxciii
          f. The King's Son who fell in Love with the Picture dcccxciv
          g. The Fuller and his Wife dcccxcvi
          h. The Old Woman, the Merchant and the King dcccxcvi
          i. The Credulous Husband dcccxcviii
          j. The Unjust King and the Tither dcccxcix
                    ja. Story of David and Solomon dcccxcix
          h. The Thief and the Woman dcccxcix
          l. The Three Men and our Lord Jesus dcccci
                    la. The Disciple's Story dcccci
          m. The Dethroned King whose Kingdom and Good were Restored to Him dcccci
          n. The Man whose Caution was the Cause of his Death dcccciii
          o. The Man who was lavish of his House and his Victual to one whom he knew not dcccciv
          p. The Idiot and the Sharper dccccv
          q. Khelbes and his Wife and the Learned Man dccccvi
          r. The Pious Woman accused of Lewdness dccccvii
          s. The Journeyman and the Girl dccccix
          t. The Weaver who became a Physician by his Wife's Commandment dccccix
          u. The Two Sharpers who cheated each his Fellow dccccxi
          v. The Sharpers with the Money-Changer and the Ass dccccxiv
          w. The Sharper and the Merchants dccccxv
                    wa. The Hawk and the Locust dccccxvi
          x. The King and his Chamberlain's Wife dccccxvii
                    xa. The Old Woman and the Draper's Wife dccccxvii
          y. The foul-favoured Man and his Fair Wife dccccxviii
          z. The King who lost Kingdom and Wife and Wealth and God restored them to him dccccxix
          aa. Selim and Selma dccccxxii
          bb. The King of Hind and his Visier dccccxxviii
111 El Melik es Zahir Rukneddin Bibers el Bunducdari and the Sixteen Officers of Police dccccxxx
          a. The First Officer's Story dccccxxx
          b. The Second Officer's Story dccccxxxii
          c. The Third Officer's Story dccccxxxii
          d. The Fourth Officer's Story dccccxxxiv
          e. The Fifth Officer's Story dccccxxxiv
          f. The Sixth Officer's Story dccccxxxiv
          g. The Seventh Officer's Story dccccxxxiv
          h. The Eighth Officer's Story dccccxxxv
                    ha. The Thief's Story dccccxxxviii
          i The Ninth Officer's Story dccccxxxviii
          j. The Tenth Officer's Story dccccxxxviii
          k. The Eleventh Officer's Story dccccxxxviii
          l. The Twelfth Officer's Story dccccxxxix
          m. The Thirteenth Officer's Story dccccxxxix
          n. The Fourteenth Officer's Story dccccxxxix
                    na. A Merry Jest of a Thief dccccxl
                    nb. Story of the Old Sharper dccccxl
          o. The Fifteenth Officer's Story dccccxl
          p. The Sixteenth Officer's Story dccccxl
112. Abdallah ben Nafi and the King's Son of Cashghar dccccxli
          a. Story of Tuhfet el Culoub and Haroun er Reshid dccccxlii
113. Noureddin Ali and Sitt el Milah dcccclviii
114. El Abbas and the King's Daughter of Baghdad dcccclxvi
115. The Malice of Women dcccclxxix
          a. The King and his Vizier's Wife dcccclxxx
          b, The Merchant's Wife and the Parrot dcccclxxx
          c. The Fuller and his Son. dcccclxxx
          d. The Lover's Trick against the Chaste Wife dcccclxxx
          e. The Niggard and the Loaves of Bread dcccclxxxiv
          f. The Lady and her Two Lovers dcccclxxxiv
          g. The King's Son and the Ogress dcccclxxxv
          h. The Drop of Honey dcccclxxxvi
          i. The Woman who made her Husband Sift Dust dcccclxxxvi
          j. The Enchanted Springs dcccclxxxvi
          k. The Vizier's Son and the Bathkeeper's Wife dcccclxxxviii
          l. The Wife's Device to Cheat her Husband dcccclxxxix
          m. The Goldsmith and the Cashmere Singing-Girl dccccxc
          n. The Man who never Laughed again dccccxci
          o. The King's Son and the Merchant's Wife dccccxciii
          p. The Man who saw the Night of Power dccccxciii
          q. The Stolen Necklace dccccxciv
          r. Prince Behram of Persia and the Princess Ed Detma dccccxciv
          s. The House with the Belvedere dccccxcv
          t. The Sandalwood Merchant and the Sharpers dccccxcviii
          u. The Debauchee and the Three-year-old Child dccccxcviii
          v. The Stolen Purse dccccxcix
          w. The Fox and the Folk (235)
116. The Two Kings and the Vizier's Daughters M
117. The Favourite and her Lover M
118. The Merchant of Cairo and the Favourite of the Khalif El Mamoun El Hikim bi Amrillak M