The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night
by John Payne

Volume 3

  1. The Birds and Beasts and the Son of Adam
  2. The Hermits
  3. The Water-Foul and the Tortoise
  4. The Wolf and the Fox
    1. The Hawk and the Partridge
  5. The Mouse and the Weasel
  6. The Cat and the Crow
  7. The Fox and the Crow
    1. The Mouse and the Flea
    2. The Falcon and the Birds
    3. The Sparrow and the Eagle
  8. The Hedgehog and the Pigeons
    1. The Merchant and the Two Sharpers
  9. The Thief and his Monkey
    1. The Foolish Weaver
  10. The Sparrow and the Peacock
  11. Ali Ben Bekkar and Shemsennehar
  12. Kemeezzeman and Boudour
    1. Nimeh Ben er Rebya and Num his Slave Girl
  13. Alaeddin Abou Esh Shamat
  14. Hatim et Yai: His Generosity After Death
  15. Maan Ben Zaideh and the Three Girls
  16. Maan Ben Zaideh and the Bedouin
  17. The City of Lebtait
  18. The Khalif Hisham and the Arab Youth
  19. Ibrahim Ben el Mehdi and the Barber-surgeon
  20. The City of Irem
  21. Isaac of Mosulís Story of Khedijeh and the Khalif Mamoun
  22. The Scavenger and the Noble Lady of Baghdad
  23. The Mock Khalif
  24. Ali the Persian and the Kurd Sharper

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Vol. 4