The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night
by John Payne

Volume 6

  1. Jouder and His Brothers
  2. The History of Gherib and His Brother Agib
  3. Otbeh and Reyya
  4. Hind Daughter of En Numan and El Hejjaj
  5. Khuzeimeh Ben Bishr and Ikrimeh el Feyyaz
  6. Younus the Scribe and the Khalif Welid Ben Sehl
  7. Haroun er Reshid and the Arab Girl
  8. El Asmai and the Three Girls of Bassora
  9. Ibrahim of Mosul and the Devil
  10. The Lovers of the Benou Udhreh
  11. The Bedouin and His Wife
  12. The Lovers of Bassora
  13. Isaac of Mosul and His Mistress and the Devil
  14. The Lovers of Medina
  15. El Melik en Nasir and His Vizier
  16. The Rogueries of Delileh the Crafty and Her Daughter Zeyneb the Trickstress
  17. The Adventures of Quicksilver Ali of Cairo: being a sequel to The Rogueries of Delileh the Crafty
  18. Ardeshir and Heyat en Nufous

Vol. 5


Vol. 7