The "Aldine" Edition of
The Arabian Nights Entertainment

from the text of Jonathan Scott

Volume 1 (503 pages)

Table of Contents


Introductory Chapter

  1. The Ass, the Ox, and the Labourer
The Merchant and the Genie
  1. The Story of the First Old Man and the Hind
  2. The Story of the Second Old Man and the Two Black Dogs
The Story of the Fisherman
  1. The Story of the Grecian King and the Physician Douban
  2. The Story of the Husband and the Parrot
  3. The Story of the Vizier That Was Punished
  4. The History of the Young King of the Black Iles
The Story of the Three Calenders Sons of Sultans; and of the Five Ladies of Bagdad
  1. The History of the First Calender
  2. The History of the Second Calender
  3. The Story of the Envious Man, and of Him That He Envied
  4. The History of the Third Calender
  5. The Story of Zobeide
  6. The Story of Amene
The Story of Sinbad the Voyager
  1. The First Voyage
  2. The Second Voyage
  3. The Third Voyage
  4. The Fourth Voyage
  5. The Fifth Voyage
  6. The Sixth Voyage
  7. The Seventh and Last Voyage
The Three Apples
  1. The Story of the Lady Who Was Murdered
  2. The Story of Noor Ad Deen Ali and Uddir Ad Deen Houssun
The History of Ganem, Son of Jabou Ayoub and Known by the Sirname of Love's Slave


Vol. 2