The "Aldine" Edition of
The Arabian Nights Entertainment

from the text of Jonathan Scott

Volume 3 (591 pages)

Table of Contents

The Story of Beder, Prince of Persia, and Jehaunara, Prince of Samandal, or Summunder

The History of Prince Zeyn Alasnam and the Sultan of the Genii

The History of Codadad, and His Brothers
  1. The History of the Princess of Deryabar
The Story of Abu Hassan, or the Sleeper Awakened

The Story of Alla Ad Deen; Or, the Wonderful Lamp

Adventure of the Caliph Haroon Al Rusheed
  1. The Story of Baba Abdoollah
  2. The Story of Syed Naomaun
  3. The Story of Khaujeh Hassan Al Hubbaul
The Story of Ali Aba and the Forty Robbers Destroyed by a Slave

The Story of Ali Khujeh, a Merchand of Bagdad

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