The "Aldine" Edition of
The Arabian Nights Entertainment

from the text of Jonathan Scott

Volume 4 (575 pages)

Table of Contents

The Story of the Enchanted Horse

The Story of Prince Ahmed, and the Fairy Perie Banou

The Story of the Sisters Who Envied Their Younger Sister

The Story of the Sultan of Yemen and His Three Sons

Story of the Three Sharpers and the Sultan
  1. The Adventures of the Abbdicated Sultan
  2. History of Mahummud, Sultan of Cairo
  3. Story of the First Lunatic
  4. Story of the Second Lunatic
  5. Story of the Retired Sage and His Pupil, Related to the Sultan by the Second Lunatic
  6. Story of the Broken-backed Schoolmaster
  7. Story of the Wry-mouthed Schoolmaster
  8. Story of the Sisters and the Sultana Their Mother
Story of the Bang-eater and the Cauzee
  1. Story of the Bang-eater and His Wife
The Sultan and the Traveller Mhamood Al Hyjemmee
  1. The Koord Robber
  2. Story of the Husbbandman
  3. Story of the Three Princes and Enchanting Bird
  4. Story of a Sultan of Yemen and His Three Sons
  5. Story of the First Sharper in the Cave
  6. History of the Sultan of Hind
Story of the Fisherman's Son

Story of Abou Neeut and Abou Neeuteen; Or, the Well-intentioned and the Double-minded

Adventure of a Courtier, Related by Himself to His Parton, an Ameer of Egypt

Story of the Prince of Sind, and Fatima, Daughter of Amir Bin Naomaun

Story of the Lovers of Syria; Or, the Heroine

Story of Hyjauje, the Tyrannical Gtovernor of Coufeh, and the Young Syed

Story of Ins Alwujjood and Wird Al Ikmaun, Daughter of Ibrahim, Vizier to Sultan Shamikh

The Adventures of Mazin of Khorassaun

Story of the Sultan the Dervish, and the Barber's Son

Adventures of Aleefa Daughter of Mherejaun Sultan of Hind, and Eusuff, Son of Sohul, Sultan of Sind

Adventures of the Three Princes, Sons of the Sultan of China

Story of the Good Vizier Unjustly Imprisoned

Story of the Lady of Cairo and Her Four Gallants
  1. The Cauzee's Story
Story of the Merchant, His Daughter, and the Prince of Eerauk

Adventures of the Cauzee, His Wife, &c
  1. The Sultan's Story of Himself

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