It is related that Ibn al-Sammák [FN#281] went in one day to Al-Rashid, and the Caliph, being athirst, called for drink.  So his cup was brought him, and when he took it, Ibn al-Sammak said to him, “Softly, O Prince of True Believers!  An thou wert denied this draught, with how much wouldst thou buy it?”  He replied, “With the half of my reign;” and Ibn al-Sammak said, “Drink and Allah make it grateful to thee!”  Then, when he had drunken; he asked him, “An thou wert denied the issuing forth of the draught from thy body, with what wouldst thou buy its issue?”  Answered Al-Rashid, “With the whole of my reign;” and Ibn al-Sammak said, “O Commander of the Faithful, verily, a realm that weighteth not in the balance against a draught of water or a voiding of urine is not worth the striving for.”  And Harun wept.

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