Supplemental Nights

Contents of Volume 1 (260 pages)

    The Translator's Foreword.
  1. The Sleeper and the Waker
    1. Story of the Larrikin and the Cook
  2. The Caliph Omar Bin Abd Al-Aziz and the Poets
  3. Al-Hajjaj and the Three Young Men
  4. Harun Al-Rashid and the Woman of the Barmecides
  5. The Ten Wazirs; or the History of King Azadbakht and His Son
    1. Of the Uselessness of Endeavour Against Persistent Ill Fortune
      1. Story of the Merchant Who Lost His Luck
    2. Of Looking To the Ends of Affairs
      1. Tale of the Merchant and His Sons
    3. Of the Advantages of Patience
      1. Story of Abu Sabir
    4. Of the Ill Effects of Impatience
      1. Story of Prince Bihzad
    5. Of the Issues of Good and Evil Actions
      1. Story of King Dadbin and His Wazirs
    6. Of Trust in Allah
      1. Story of King Bakhtzaman
    7. Of Clemency
      1. Story of King Bihkard
    8. Of Envy and Malice
      1. Story of Aylan Shah and Abu Tammam
    9. Of Destiny or That Which Is Written On the Forehead
      1. Story of King Ibrahim and His Son
    10. Of the Appointed Term, Which, if it be Advanced, May Not Be Deferred, and if it be Deferred, May Not Be Advanced
      1. Story of King Sulayman Shah and His Niece
    11. Of the Speedy Relief of Allah
      1. Story of the Prisoner and How Allah Gave Him Relief
  6. Ja'afar Bin Yahya and Abd Al-Malik Bin Salih the Abbaside
  7. Al-Rashid and the Barmecides
  8. Ibn Al-Sammak and Al-Rashid
  9. Al-Maamum and Zubaydah
  10. Al-Nu'uman and the Arab of the Banu Tay
  11. Firuz and His Wife
  12. King Shah Bakht and his Wazir Al-Rahwan
    1. Tale of the Man of Khorasan, His Son and His Tutor
    2. Tale of the Singer and the Druggist
    3. Tale of the King Who Kenned the Quintessence of Things
    4. Tale of the Richard Who Married His Beautiful Daughter to the Poor Old Man
    5. Tale of the Sage and His Three Sons
    6. Tale of the Prince who Fell in Love With the Picture
    7. Tale of the Fuller and His Wife and the Trooper
    8. Tale of the Merchant, The Crone, and the King
    9. Tale of the Simpleton Husband
    10. Tale of the Unjust King and the Tither
      1. Story of David and Solomon
    11. Tale of the Robber and the Woman
    12. Tale of the Three Men and Our Lord Isa
      1. The Disciple's Story
    13. Tale of the Dethroned Ruler Whose Reign and Wealth Were Restored to Him
    14. Tale of the Man Whose Caution Slew Him
    15. Tale of the Man Who Was Lavish of His House and His Provision to One Whom He Knew Not
    16. Tale of the Melancholist and the Sharper
    17. Tale of Khalbas and his Wife and the Learned Man
    18. Tale of the Devotee Accused of Lewdness
    19. Tale of the Hireling and the Girl
    20. Tale of the Weaver Who Became a Leach by Order of His Wife
    21. Tale of the Two Sharpers Who Each Cozened His Compeer
    22. Tale of the Sharpers With the Shroff and the Ass
    23. Tale of the Chear and the Merchants
      1. Story of the Falcon and the Locust
    24. Tale of the King and His Chamberlain's Wife
      1. Story of the Crone and the Draper's Wife
    25. Tale of the Ugly Man and His Beautifule Wife
    26. Tale of the King Who Lost Kingdom and Wife and Wealth and Allah Restored Them to Him
    27. Tale of Salim the Youth of Khorasan and Salma, His Sister
    28. Tale of the King of Hind and His Wazir
    Shahrazad and Shahryar
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