Supplemental Nights

Contents of Volume 2 (284 pages)

  1. Al-Malik Al-Zahir Rukn Al-Din Bibars Al-Bundukdari and the Sixteen Captains of Police
    1. First Constable's History
    2. Second Constable's History
    3. Third Constable's History
    4. Fourth Constable's History
    5. Fifth Constable's History
    6. Sixth Constable's History
    7. Seventh Constable's History
    8. Eighth Constable's History
      1. The Thief's Tale
    9. Ninth Constable's History
    10. Tenth Constable's History
    11. Eleventh Constable's History
    12. Twelfth Constable's History
    13. Thirteenth Constable's History
    14. Fourteenth Constable's History
      1. A Merry Jest of a Clever Thief
      2. Tale of the Old Sharper
    15. Fifteenth Constable's History
    16. Sixteenth Constable's History
  2. Tale of Harun Al-Rashid and Abdullah Bin Nafi'
    1. Tale of the Damsel Torfat Al-Kulub and the Caliph Harun Al-Rashid
  3. Women's Wiles
  4. Nur Al-Din Ali of Damascus and the Damsel Sitt Al-Milah
  5. Tale of King Ins Bin Kays and His Daughter with the Son of King Al-'abbas
  6. Tale of the Two kings and the Wazir's Daughters
  7. The Concubine and the Caliph
  8. The Concubine of Al-Maamun

Appendix: Variants and Analogues of Some of the Tales in Vols. XI and XII.
by W. A. Clouston

The Sleeper and the Waker
The Ten Wazirs; or the History of King Azadbakht and His Son
King Dadbin and His Wazirs
King Aylan Shah and Abu Tamman
King Sulayman Shah and His Niece
Firuz and His Wife
King Shah Bakht and His Wazir Al-Rahwan
On the Art of Enlarging Pearls
The Singer and the Druggist
The King Who Kenned the Quintessence of Things
The Prince Who Fell In Love With the Picture
The Fuller, His Wife, and the Trooper
The Simpleton Husband
The Three Men and our Lord Isa
The Melancholist and the Sharper
The Devout Woman accused of Lewdness
The Weaver Who Became A Leach By Order of His Wife
The King Who Lost Kingdom, Wife, and Wealth
Al-Malik Al-Zahir and the Sixteen Captains of Police
The Thief's Tale
The Ninth Constable's Story
The Fifteenth Constable's Story
The Damsel tohfat Al-Kulub
Womens Wiles
Nur Al-Din and the Damsel Sitt Al-Milah
King Ins Bin Kays and his Daughter

Additional Notes:

Firuz and His Wife
The Singer and the Druggist
The Fuller, His Wife, and the Trooper

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