Supplemental Nights

Contents of Volume 4 (305 pages)

    The Translator's Foreword
  1. Story of the Sultan of Al-Yaman and His Three Sons
  2. Story of the Three Sharpers
    1. The Sultan Who Fared Forth in the Habit of a Darwaysh
    2. History of Mohammed, Sultan of Cairo
    3. Story of the First Lunatic
    4. Story of the Second Lunatic
    5. Story of the Sage and the Scholar
    6. The Night-Adventure of Sultan Mohammed of Cairo with the Three Foolish Schoolmasters
    7. Story of the Broke-Back Schoolmaster
    8. Story of the Split-Mouthed Schoolmaster
    9. Story of the Limping Schoolmaster
    10. Story of the Three Sisters and Their Mother the Sultanah
  3. History of the Kazi Who Bare a Babe
  4. Tale of the Kazi and the Bhang-Eater
    1. History of the Bhang-Eater and His Wife
    2. How Drummer Abu Kasim Became a Kazi
    3. Story of the Kazi and His Slipper
    4. Tale of Mahmud the Persian and the Kurd Sharper
    5. Tale of the Sultan and His Sons and the Enchanting Bird
    6. Story of the King of Al-Yaman and His Three Sons and the Enchanting Bird
    7. History of the First Larrikin
    8. History of the Second Larrikin
    9. History of the Third Larrikin
    10. Story of a Sultan of Al-Hind and His Son Mohammed
    11. Tale of the Fisherman and His Son
    12. Tale of the Third Larrikin Concerning Himself
  5. History of Abu Niyyah and Abu Niyyatayn

    Appendix A: - Ineptiae Bodleianae

    Appendix B: - The Three Untranslated Tales in Ms. E. J. W. Gibb's "Forty Vezirs"

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