Contents of Volume 6 (366 pages)

    The Translator's Foreword
  1. The Say of Haykar the Sage
  2. The History of Al-Bundukani or, the Caliph Harun Al-Rashid and the Daughter of King Kisra
  3. The Linguist-Dame, The Duenna and the King's Son
  4. The Tale of the Warlock and the Young Cook of Baghdad
  5. The Pleasant History of the Cock and the Fox
  6. History of What Befel the Fowl-let with the Fowler
  7. The Tale of Attif
    The Tale of Attaf by Alexander J. Cotheal
  8. History of Prince Habib and What Befel Him With the Lady Durrat Al-Ghawwas
    1. The History of Durrat Al-Ghawwas


    Notes on the Stories Contained in Volume XVI. by W. F. Kirby
    Index to the Tales and Proper Names
    Index to the Variants and Analogues
    Index to the Notes of W. A. Clouston and W. F. Kirby
    Additional Notes on the Bibiography of the Thousand and One Nights
    by W. F. Kirby
    The Biography of the Book and Its Reviewers Reviewed
    Opinions of the Press
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