Contents of Volume 3 (356 pages)

  1. The Tale of King Omar Bin Al-Nu'uman and His Sons Sharrkan and Zau Al-Makan (cont)
      1. Continuation of the Tale of Aziz and Azizah
    1. Tale of the Hashish Eater
    2. Tale of Hammad the Badawi
  2. The Birds and Beasts and the Carpenter
  3. The Hermits
  4. The Water-Fowl and the Tortoise
  5. The Wolf and the Fox
    1. Tale of the Falcon and the Partridge
  6. The Mouse and the Ichneumon
  7. The Cat and the Crow
  8. The Fox and the Crow
    1. The Flea and the Mouse
    2. The Saker and the Birds
    3. The Sparrow and the Eagle
  9. The Hedgehog and the Wood Pigeons
    1. The Merchant and the Two Sharpers
  10. The Thief and His Monkey
    1. The Foolish Weaver
  11. The Sparrow and the Peacock
  12. Ali Bin Bakkar and Shams Al-Nahar
  13. Tale of Kamar Al-Zaman
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