Contents of Volume 5 (406 pages)

  1. The Ebony Horse
  2. Uns Al-Wujud and the Wazir's Daughter Al-Ward Fi'l-Akmam or Rose-In-Hood
  3. Abu Nowas With the Three Boys and the Caliph Harun Al-Rashid
  4. Abdallah Bin Ma'amar With the Man of Bassorah and His Slave Girl
  5. The Lovers of the Banu Ozrah
  6. The Wazir of Al-Yaman and His Younger Brother
  7. The Loves of the Boy and Girl at School
  8. Al-Mutalammis and His Wife Umaymah
  9. The Caliph Marun Al-Rashid and Queen Zubaydah in the Bath
  10. Harun Al-Rashid and the Three Poets
  11. Mus'ab Bin Al-Zubayr and Ayishah His Wife
  12. Abu Al-Aswad and His Slave-Girl
  13. arun Al-Rashid and the Two Slave-Girls
  14. The Caliph Harun Al-Rashid and the Three Slave-Girls
  15. The Miller and His Wife
  16. The Simpleton and the Sharper
  17. The Kazi Abu Yusuf With Harum Al-Rashid and Queen Zubaydah
  18. The Caliph Al-Hakim and the Merchand
  19. King Kisra Anushirwan and the Village Damsel
  20. The Water-Carrier and the Goldsmith's Wife
  21. Khusrau and Shirin and the Fisherman
  22. Yahya Bin Khalid the Barmecide and the Poor Man
  23. Mohammed Al-Amin and the Slave-Girl
  24. The Sons of Yahya Bin Khalid and Sa'id Bin Salim Al-Bahili
  25. The Woman's Trick Against Her Husband
  26. The Devout Woman and the Two Wicked Elders
  27. Ja'afar the Barmecide and the Old Badawi
  28. The Caliph Omar Bin Al-Khattab and the Young Badawi
  29. The Caliph Al-Maamum and the Pyramids of Egypt
  30. The Thief and the Merchant
  31. Masrur the Eunuch and Ibn Al-Karibi
  32. The Devotee Prince
  33. The Unwise Schoolmaster Who Fell in Love by Report
  34. The Foolish Dominie
  35. The Illiterate Who Set Up For a Schoolmaster
  36. The King and the Virtuous Wife
  37. Abd Al-Rahman the Maghribi's Story of the Rukh
  38. Adi Bin Zayd and the Princess Hind
  39. Di'ibil Al-Khuza'i With the Lady and Muslim Bin Al-Walid
  40. Isaac of Mosul and the Merchant
  41. The Three Unfortunate Lovers
  42. How Abu Hasan Brake Wind
  43. The Lovers of the Banu Tayy
  44. The Mad Lover
  45. The Prior Who Became A Moslem
  46. The Loves of Abu Isa and Jurrat Al-Ayn
  47. Al-Amin Son of Al-Rashid and His Uncle Ibrahim Bin Al-Mahdi
  48. Al-Fath Bin Khakan and Al-Mutawakkil
  49. The Man's Dispute With the Learned Woman Concerning the Relative Excellence of Male and Female
  50. Abu Suwayd and the Pretty Old Woman
  51. The Emir ali Bin Tahir and the Girl Muunis
  52. The Woman Who had a Boy and the Other Who had a Man to Lover
  53. Ali the Cairene and the Haunted House in Baghdad
  54. The Pilgrim Man and the Old Woman
  55. Abu Alhusn and His Slave-Girl Tawaddud
  56. The Angel of Death With the Proud King and the Devout Man
  57. The Angel of Death and the Rich King
  58. The Angel of Death and the King of the Children of Israel
  59. Iskandar Zu Al-Karnayn and a Certain Tribe of Poor Folk
  60. The Righteousness of King Anushirwan
  61. The Jewish Kazi and His Pious Wife
  62. The Shipwrecked Woman and Her Child
  63. The Pious Black Slave
  64. The Devout Tray-Maker and His Wife
  65. Al-Jajjaj and the Pious Man
  66. The Blacksmith Who Could Handle Fire Without Hurt
  67. The Devotee To Whom Allah Gave a Cloud for Service and the Devout King
  68. The Moslem Champion and the Christian Damsel
  69. The Christian King's Daughter and the Moslem
  70. The Prophet and the Justice of Providence
  71. The Ferryman of the Nile and the Hermit
  72. The Island King and the Pious Israelite
  73. Abu Al-Hasan and Abu Ja'afar the Leper
  74. The Queen of Serpents
    1. The Adventures of Bulukiya
    2. The Story of Jansha
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