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The 1001 Nights
An article by Professor Daniel Beaumont,University of Rochester. The article is the introduction to Professor Beaumont's book-length study of the 1001 Nights, entitled "Slave of Desire".

Recollections of the Arabian Nights.
Lord Tennyson's poem about the Nights.

The 1002 tale of Scheherazade
Edgar Allan Poe's short story about the thousand and second night.

Tales From Arabian Nights
The Electronic Literature Foundation's Arabian Night and Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam site. Translations of selected tales from Arabian Nights from the Burton and Lane versions are available.

The Jews and "The Arabian Nights"
The Israel Review of Arts and Letters (1996/103) An article by Victor Bochman, he presents his arguments for 1. The Jewish contribution to the Arabian Nights; 2. Jews as personages in the Arabian Nights; and, 3. Jewish interest in the Arabian Nights

The Age of the Galland Manuscript of the Nights: Numismatic Evidence for Dating A Manuscript.
An article by Heinz Grotzfeld in the Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Volume 1 1996-97. The importance of the age of the Galland manuscript of the Nights derives from its being the oldest manuscript extant of this text. There is no date of transcription in the manuscript. In an earlier study, the present writer postulated 1426 as a date post quem because of the mention of the coin ashraf³ (first issued by al-Ashraf Barsb¢ay in 1426). This date post quem has been rejected by Muhsin Mahdi, the editor of the manuscript, in a recent publication in which he attempted to identify the ashraf³ mentioned in the text with the gold coin issued by al-Ashraf Khal³l (1290–93). This article shows that his identification is untenable, and that the Galland manuscript, in all likelihood, was not copied earlier than 1450.

The Birds of Paradise in the Arabian Nights An interesting exercise in cultural biogeography published in two parts in the April and May 1904 issues of Independent Review.

The Oriental Gothic as misrepresentation of the East. Discussed with reference to Vathek, by William Beckford, and selections from The Book of a Thousand Nights and a Night, by Richard Burton.

Other Language editions of Arabian Nights:


An Arabic version of the Nights can be found here.
Instruction on how to configure your browser to view arabic can be found here.


Tuhannen Ja Yhden Yon Tarinoita Suomen Lapsille II
Translated by Helmi Krohn.


Les Mille Et Une Nuits
The first European translation of Arabian Nights appeared in French in 1704. It was translated by Antoine Galland. The Bibliotheque Nationial de France has 3 volumes available on line. These PDF files are from a nineteenth century edition.
Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3

Sgeulachdan Arabianach
An expurgated edition of the English Nights translated into Gaelic, 1906. The stories were originally published in the Northern Chronicle paper.


Las mil y una noches
La Biblioteca Digital Ciudad Seva contiene dos versiones de Las mil y una noches. La primera consiste de una selección de las historias más conocidas del libro, las cuales hemos enumerado más abajo. Éstas pueden leerse en Ciudad Seva o imprimirse para leer más tarde.

Sir Richard Burton Sites:

Burtonia.org is the most complete collection of Richard Burton writings on the web. Contains much of Burton's work as scanned page images from the originals and text files.

Sir Richard Francis Burton A new web site dealing with the life of Richard Burton.

Sir Richard Burton on the Web
A comprehensive web directory and guide to all things Burton.

Sir Richard Francis Burton
Information about Sir Richard Burton, his life and writings.

Relocating Burton: Public and Private Writings on Africa
The Journal of African Travel-Writing, Number 2, March 1997 (pp. 70-79). An article By Greg Garrett. Mr. Garrett looks at the question of whether Burton was an advocate of British imperialism or, conversely, a sensitive observer of African culture.

Sir Richard Francis Burton and General Charles "Chinese" Gordon
Did Richard Burton and "Chinese" Gordon ever meet? A collection of the letters exchanged between Burton and Gordon.

Wikipedia: Richard Francis Burton
Wikipedia encyclopedia entry for Richard Burton. Includes many internal links for follow-up reference.

The Romance of Lady Isabel Burton
Told in part by herself and in part by W H Wilkins, 1897. Volume 1 Volume 2.

Mausoleum of the Burtons A group raising funds to restore the Burton Mausoleum. The Burton Mausoleum is at Mortlake Cemetery near London where both Sir Richard F. Burton and his wife Isabel have been laid to rest. The Mausoleum is carved in Forest of Dean stone and shaped like a Bedouin tent. The sides on the tent are sculpted to create the illusion of canvas tugged by a desert wind. Beneath the roof runs a frieze of Islamic stars and crescents.

Miscelaneous Related Sites:

Go to The Victorian Web
Literature, History and Culture in the age of Victoria. The Victorian Web is the WWW translation of Brown University's Context 61, which serves as a resource for courses in Victorian literature. A wonderful site with hundreds of pages and links relating to all things Victorian. Topics include: Political History, Social History Gender Matters, Philosophy, Religion, Science, Technology, Authors, Visual Artc and more. This is the era that Sir Richard Burton lived and worked in.

Islamic Philosophy Online is dedicated to the study of the philosophical output of the Muslim World. The site contains hundreds of full length books and articles on Islamic philosophy ranging from the classical texts in the cannon of Islamic philosophy to modern works of Muslim students of modern philosophy.

Al-Hakawati This website tells the story of Arab culture through regional folktales and fairy tales, through biographies of Arab personalities ancient to modern, men and women, artists and the arts they produced, architecture, countries and their cities and the civilizations of the past that left their mark on the present, nature and the environment, and through the traditions of the Arab World.

Electronic Text Sites:

Ottawa Book Collectors
The OBC offers lectures on all sorts of book topics. Meetings are held monthly throught the year.

Go to OneZeroZero
OZZ is an attempt to chart the history of English Canadian small press publishing between 1945 and the present. Its aim is to provide students of Canadian literature with a clear path through the increasingly dense thickets of modern and postmodern writing (mostly poetry) since the end of World War II.
The ultimate goal of OneZeroZero is to present a collection of full texts online in an effort to revive out-of-print, and often forgotten or otherwise neglected, books in a virtual library of lost literary history.

Go To Project Gutenberg
The Project Gutenberg Philosophy is to make information, books and other materials available to the general public in forms a vast majority of the computers, programs and people can easily read, use, quote, and search. The texts are created by volunteers from around the world. The project has thousands of e-texts available for free download.

The On-Line Books Page
The On-Line Books Page is a directory of books that can be freely read right on the Internet.