A Blonde Bibliography

Why a bibliography about Blondes? Why not? Blondes seem to appear in fiction much more than any other hair colour. Although, by the looks of many of the covers, the blondes are definitely not having more fun. Particularly in the mystery titles, they seem to be either the femme fatal or the fatal victim. Alternately, they are the subject of many jokes, usually about their dim-wittedness, or rebuttals to their supposed dim-wittedness.

To be included in the bibliography, the book must contain the word “Blond” or “Blonde” in the title. While gendered spelling differences are common in may other languages, they are rare in English. Blond(e) is a rare adjective in English that has a male and female spelling. I have focussed on the female versions, but males are welcomed as well. Blond authors have been excluded. Also, books that are strictly comics have also been excluded, but graphic novels are included.

Information on errors and omissions is gratefully sought. Feel free to contact me at: jcbyers at wollamshram dot ca.

Last updated on 20140105.