Deaf, Dumb, and Blonde

Author: Morton, Anthony (Pseudonym) / Creasey, John
Publisher: Doubleday and Co. (1961)
Pages: 192
Binding: Hardcover
Synopsis: The Baron, or Blue Mask.  A gentleman crook.

John Mannering, proprietor of Quinn's, Bond Street, was used to beautiful objects; they were his business.  But even he was dazzled by the beauty of the nest-egg of spun gold and precious jewels offered for sale by the hideous hunchback--and even more so by the old man's niece, Miranda, a girl with cerulean blue eyes and golden hair.  It was some time before Mannering realized the girl was deaf and dumb, the helpless pawn in a violent and deadly intrigue that threatened them all!
Notes: Avon (G1291), NY, 1966 (2)
Avon (V2376), NY, 1970 (3)

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