Aupres De Ma Blonde

Author: Freeling, Nicolas
Publisher: Harper & Row (1972)
Pages: 228
Binding: Hardcover
Synopsis: Also released as: A Long Silence.

  Commissaris Van der Valk was sitting in his new office, writing in a notebook, which was his habit when things got mixed. He had been asked to serve on the Commission for Inquiry into Law Reform, and he now had a smaller office but he had his name on the door, and he had a secretary, a rather tiresome female named Wattermann.
  It was Miss Wattermann who came to tell him that there was a young man asking to see him -- on personal business and unofficial business.
  The young man had an intelligent face and a forward air. His name was Richard Oddinga; he said he worked for a jeweler and that his problem centered around a solid-gold Patek Philippe watch.
  His story intrigued Van der Valk -- who soon became involved with the jewelers himself.
  As, eventually, did Van der Valk's devoted, intelligent and determined wife, Arlette.
Notes: Vintage Books, 1979

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