Strike The Baby and Kill The Blonde

Author: Knox, Dave
Subtitle: An Insider's Guide To Film Slang
Publisher: Crown Publishing (2005)
Pages: 224
Binding: Trade Paperback
Synopsis: Everything You Need to Know to Become a Film-Industry Insider Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a gaffer and a grip? Or what makes the best boy so great? In Strike the Baby and Kill the Blonde,* Dave Knox, a top camera operator and longtime veteran of the film industry, gives you the inside story on the lingo and slang heard on the set. This is an A-to-Z guide to making a movie: the equipment, the crew, and the sometimes hilarious terminologyeverything you need to know to sound like a seasoned pro. * Remove the small spotlight from the set and switch off the two-kilowatt quartz light.
Notes: Three Rivers Press, pb, 2005

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