Dead Blonde

Author: Baipsys, Laima
Publisher: iUniverse Inc. (2007)
Pages: 280
Binding: Trade Paperback
Synopsis: In Dead Blonde, Lina Tarakonas’ boring little life is suddenly turned upside down. People she meets are dropping like flies. First, a blonde who cuts in line in front of Lina at the grocery store, gets the shock of her life. Then, Lina’s trip to a plant nursery ends in disaster for the botanist. The crime wave hits closer to home when Lina’s coworker gets too friendly with Lina’s blind date; one minute, Dora’s looking at Ogden like she’s Colonel Sanders, eyeing a tender young fryer, and the next minute, one of them is dead. Even Lina’s best friend’s new beau is going to pieces. And Lina knows a lot about the recent wave of murders; she’s got a knack for being in the right place at the right time. But because of who’s involved, Lina has no one to turn to for help. So can a mealy-mouthed office-worker, who is constantly in need of a snack, transform herself into a crime-fighter and expose the killers?

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