Author: Oates, Joyce Carol
Publisher: Fourth Estate (2000)
Pages: 960
Binding: Hardcover
Synopsis: In this ambitious book, Joyce Carol Oates boldly reimagines the inner, poetic, and spiritual life of Norma Jeane Baker--the child, the woman, the fated celebrity and idolized blonde the world came to know as Marilyn Monroe. In a voice startling, intimate, and rich, Norma Jeane tells her own story, that of an emblematic American artist--intensely conflicted and driven--who has lost her way. A powerful portrait of Hollywood's myth and an extraordinary woman's heartbreaking reality, "Blonde" is a sweeping epic that pays tribute to the elusive magic and devastation behind the creation of the great twentieth-century American star.
Notes: Eco Press, NY, 2000 (2)
HarperCollins(Fourth Estate), London, 2001 sc
HarperCollins, 2009 (3)
Franklin Library, 2000 (4)

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