Dumb Blonde Black Girl

Author: McGill, Nicole
Subtitle: Memoirs of Nicole McGill
Publisher: Author House (2011)
Pages: 200
Binding: Paperback
Type: Biography
Synopsis: The Author says that she's a highly educated woman and I don't deny her of that, but what highly educated woman takes the time out of their day to slender people. Divined by the holy spirits of God, yet she as place things in her book which gives the reader the opposite of her. If these are truly her memories then why does she continue to put people down? Shouldn't she be speaking about her own affairs? I thought Godly people suppose to uplift, motivate, and move beyond. What was the true reason for her writing, then re writing this book? I find this book incriminating and absurd. She wrote things in this book which are totally false. I guess that's what happens when you self publish your own book.

Last updated on December-19-14