Blondes and Brunets

Author: Blackford, Katherine M.H.
Publisher: Review Of Reviews Company (1916)
Pages: 54
Binding: Hardcover
Synopsis: Dr. Katherine Blackford and her Blackford Employment Plan promulgated a "scientific" methodology (drawing on 19th-century practices of physiognomy, phrenologists, and eugenicists) for assessing individual character traits from physical characteristics, including hair color. Here she tries to establish that "always and everywhere, the normal blond has positive, dynamic, driving, aggressive, domineering, impatient, active, quick, hopeful, speculative, changeable, and variety-loving characteristics; while the normal brunette has negative, static, conservative, imitative, submissive, cautious, painstaking, patient, plodding, slow, deliberate, serious, thoughtful, specializing characteristics."

Six chapters: Evolution of White Men; Evolution of the Dark-skinned Races; Characteristics of Blondes; Faults and Weaknesses of Blondes; Effect of Excessive Light on Blondes; Characteristics of Brunets.

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