Beyond the Blonde

Author: Flynn-Hui, Kathleen
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing (2005)
Pages: 288
Binding: Hardcover
Synopsis: Welcome to Jean-Luc, New York's hottest salon du jour, where high above Madison Avenue, Georgia Watkins - star colorist - tends the hair of socialites, actresses, models, and moguls. Georgia wasn't born to the Manhattan elite, but she was born to color hair; back in tiny Weepeekeemie, New Hampshire, her single mother struggled to pay rent on her own small-town beauty parlor to keep the family afloat. Yet Georgia wants more from life. And so, after a stint at Wilfred Academy, she lands a job at Jean-Luc and moves to New York City. Thrust into a glitzy, glittering, over-the-top world, she finds herself highlighting dogs' hair to match that of their owners', making house calls to the Hamptons, and barely batting a well-groomed eyelash at a thousand-dollar tip. A rising star in the salon, Georgia is far too busy for romance or even a day off...until she finds that her quiet, handsome colleague Massimo has more to offer than styling pointers. With a loving boyfriend, a calendar brimming with devoted clients, and unexpected career opportunities at her fingertips, Georgia's life feels as golden as her customers' favorite hair color. But when she is betrayed in an unthinkable turn of events, Georgia Watkins from New Hampshire finds her loyalty and love put to the test - and she must depend on the most unlikely people to help her navigate the ugly side of beauty.
Notes: Grand Central Pub., SC, 2006 (2)
Hachette Book Group, USA, 2005
Penguin Books, London, 2005 (3)

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