The Ultimate Book Of Blonde, Brunette, and Redhead Jokes

Author: Buffington, James
Publisher: Ulysses Press (2010)
Pages: 375
Binding: Paperback
Type: Humour
Synopsis: AS SHAMELESS AND HILARIOUS AS IT IS POLITICALLY INCORRECT What's the mating call of a blonde? "I'm sooooo drunk." How does a brunette recharge her love life? She changes the batteries. How is a redhead like a condom? They both spend most of their time in your wallet. Why did 18 blondes go to the movies together? The sign said: "Under seventeen not admitted." What does a redhead scream when climaxing? Her own name. Why does Ohio have brunettes and California have earthquakes? California had first choice. Why did the blonde sell her water skis? She couldn't find a lake on a hillside.

Last updated on December-19-14