The Blonde Cried Murder

Author: Halliday, Brett (Pseudonym) / Dresser, Davis
Publisher: Dodd Mead & Co (1956)
Pages: 159
Binding: Hardcover
Synopsis: The pretty blonde client was hysterical with fear as she spilled out her unbelievable story to Michael Shayne.  With her own eyes she had seen her brother's murdered body lying there in the hotel room...but now the corpse had vanished and there was not even a trace of blood to back up her story.  A stranger with a scarred face intruded menacingly, so she fled to the redhead for protection.
 But when Shayne met this stranger, he insisted that he was the girl's brother and that he was very much alive.  By that time, the girl herself was missing.
 Which of the two was lying? And who was the dead man with a slashed throat whom the police found floating in Biscayne Bay that same night?  Was the blond girl's brother a murderer...or a victim?
 Michael Shayne has exactly two hours before midnight to find answers to these questions---as time spins towards the deadline that may mean death for another victim.
 Originally appeared as the serial "Two Hours to Midnight".
Notes: Torquil, Jarrolds Ltd. hc, 1956
Dell, NY (946), 1957 (2)
Jarrolds, London, hc, 1957 (4)
Consul, London  (1114), 1962 (5)
Dell, NY (0614), 1963 (3)

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