Blonde Trouble

Author: Eden, Rob (Pseudonym) / Bliss, Adam (Pseudonym) / Burkhardt, Robert F. / Burkhardt, Eve
Publisher: Readers Library
Binding: Hardcover
Synopsis: Blond Trouble starts in a hair salon with Connie Page becoming a bottle blond.  The premise is “girl gets bored, bleaches hair, then finds excitement”.

Connie lives with her cousin, Beth, exactly one floor beneath her cousin’s best friend, Stella Putnam, at the Irving apartments.  Beth and Stella are described as sensible, boring spinsters.  Connie is twenty-one years old, and is sick of being “nice” and predictable.

With her new blond hair, Connie enters her apartment to find an intruder fleeing from Stella’s apartment through her window’s fire escape.  As the would-be thief is young and well dressed, Connie naturally misleads the police and helps the intruder escape.

Much to Connie’s chagrin, she faces a return to the routine following Stella Putnam’s extensive discussion of catching a thief in the act.  All of that changes yet again when the head of the Ritchie Company notices Connie in the elevator.  By three o’ clock Connie finds herself in Grover Ritchie’s office with a business proposition and only a day to accept or decline.

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