Blondes Don't Give a Damn

Author: Skinner, Michael
Publisher: Kozy Book (1963)
Pages: 160
Binding: Paperback
Type: Lesbian Erotica
Number: K179
Synopsis: A no-holds barred picture of Hamburg, a decadent and treacherous city where luxury and vice mingle and passion stalks the dark streets.
 These are the people who came alive in the night:
 Robinson, sadistic and greedy, his world was an everlasting orgy of blondes, booze and drugs.
 Tag Boland, the idol of millions, cruel and vain, he believed in corruption of the innocent.
 Rosemarie, buxom and beautiful whose only mistake was loving without reservation.
 Trudi, nineteen and virginal, yearning for romance and finding instead shock and betrayal.
 The Redhead, hot-eyed, easy-loving...any man, any hour...if the price was right.  But she was a piker compared to...
 Kai, yellow-haired, voluptuous and provacative.  She could turn love into passion or hate because she did not give a damn!  She would do anything to further her career even if it brought shame and ruin to:
 Joe Saint, an American press agent who fought and schemed to keep the woman he loved and found himself at the mercy of a mantrap.
 A raw tale of passion...lifts the lid off the most sinful city in the world.  By compareson New York and Hollywood are children's playgrounds.
 A blistering, breathtakingly realistic story of lust, intrigue and desire in the back streets of a famous city.

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