Blonde Chills

Author: Meisceles, Lynn
Publisher: Tide Dancer Publications (2009)
Pages: 346
Binding: Paperback
Type: Fiction
Synopsis: Beautiful, young blondes are dying in quiet Weston City , New Jersey . Lieutenant Detective Dave Marshall and his team are working 24/7 to find the killer. The press dubs the serial killer "Cupid." The city is terrified. The mayor is up for reelection in a month. The tension between the mayor's office and the Weston City Police Department is thick enough to slice. The chief of police warns Marshall if he doesn't find the assailant before election, the chief will ship him to some godforsaken hole in Outer Mongolia . Jennifer Hanson graduated from the NYU nursing program and passed the boards over a year ago. A week after she passed the boards, her fiancé, a cop, was shot in the line of duty and died the day before their wedding. Devastated, Jennifer fled New York City to her aunt's home in Weston City . Now, a year later, with the help of therapy and support of her best friend, she is trying to put her painful past behind her. She finally feels she can face the world and begins as an RN at Weston City Medical Center . When one of Dave Marshall's detectives is shot, he hurries to the hospital. He bumps into Jennifer, causing her to nearly fall. Marshall is immediately drawn to her and, as an apology, asks her out for coffee. She meets him the next day, but when she learns Marshall is a detective, she abruptly leaves. She has no intention of ever getting involved with a cop again. But before she goes, he grabs her hand and shoves his business card into it. Just in case she ever needs a cop. Then Jennifer Hanson disappears . . .

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