Blonde or Brunette?

Author: Redgrove, H. Stanley / Foan, Gilbert a
Publisher: Heinemann (1929)
Pages: 182
Binding: Hardcover
Type: Cosmetics
Synopsis: HAIR-DYEING is a legitimate and useful art. If this book should come into the hands of any who think otherwise, we refer them to the section headed " The Ethics and 1Esthetics of Hair-Dyeing." Like all arts, it has a scientific basis ; but, unfortunately, this has not, speaking generally, received the attention from chemists that it deserves. Indeed, one might well call Hair-dyeing the Cinderella of applied chemistry. There is little literature on Hair-dyeing, and what does exist, apart from a very few books and articles, is of a rather unsatisfactory character, being in some cases positively misleading. In the making of this book, a chemist and a practical hairdresser have collaborated, and we believe that we have produced the most complete treatise on the subject which has been written in any language, and one, moreover, which will fill a very real need. We offer it to the general reader, to the hairdresser and beauty-culturist, and to the chemist. To the first two we say : Forgive us for some scientific technicalities, which we have indeed tried to make as simple as possible. To the last we say : Think of the first two and forgive us for much of what is, to you, uninteresting, elementary stuff. The general reader, we think, may be interested to be initiated into the mysteries of a little-known art. He (or she) may even be interested because of some slight defect in the colouring of his (or her) own hair . . . a slight greyness, it may be. The chemist, we hope, will be stimulated to undertake much-needed research in what is a very useful and interesting branch of applied chemistry. And, finally, to the hairdresser let us say : It is up to you, not only to master the technique of this art, but also thoroughly to understand the scientific principles underlying it. By this means, and by this means alone, will you be able to give your clients complete satisfaction. And by this means will you reap, not only the pleasure which comes from increased and profitable business, but also that of knowing that you are helping to increase the amount of Beauty in the world.

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