Dyed Blonde

Author: Barker, K.J.
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (2013)
Pages: 218
Binding: Paperback
Number: POD
Synopsis: A gripping thriller of good versus evil, set to the back drop of Exeter City. Rachel Taylor is born into the criminal underground to a mother who hates her on sight and wants nothing more than to wipe her off the face of the earth. Rachel unwittingly marries the devil himself Kevin Black the new criminal lord of Exeter, a psychotic deviant of the worst kind with a compulsive urge to make snuff movies. He systematically takes away everyone Rachel ever loved, she must take on the fight of her life. But will she live long enough to Bring Kevin and her twisted mother to justice. Reader be aware this book contains scenes of graphic violence and of a sexual nature. But if you like gritty fast pace thrillers Dyed Blonde will not disappoint. It is a truly gripping story that will shock you, amuse you , move you and keep you turning the pages.

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