Blonde Fury II

Author: O'Kane, Sean
Publisher: Silver Moon Books Ltd (2014)
Pages: 230
Binding: Paperback
Type: Erotica
Synopsis: This is the rip-roaring climax to the epic Arena series of novels. The whole of the modern arena world is looking for the daughter of the great Blondie, but she has vanished into thin air. Thrillingly erotic set-piece follows thrillingly erotic set-piece as the action moves swiftly from Texas to the decadent princedom of Bakhtar where the Prince himself is preparing a grand spectacle to greet his guests, unaware of the true identity of the slave he has just bought. Meanwhile the arena crowds are growing bored with the entertainment on offer. Someone has to do something! Can Blondie's daughter be found in time? If so who will own and train her? And most crucially of all - will she triumph over her own half-sister, Ace?

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