Blonde Pussy Champagne

Author: Markwell, Melissa
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (2013)
Pages: 81
Binding: Paperback
Type: Erotica
Number: POD
Synopsis: Following an unexpected detour and a failed blackmail attempt earlier that day in Charlotte s office, Melissa returns home to yet another blazing row with Emz, her long-time and long-suffering girlfriend. That same night, and against Melissa s direct orders, Emz plans to turn the tables with a fun-packed detour of her own with Stacey, her hot blonde date for the evening. Imagine Melissa s surprise when Stacey turns up on her doorstep shortly after Emz leaves. Things take an even more bizarre twist when Emz finally returns home worse for wear in the early hours of the morning. Melissa greets her with all the sordid details of her no-holds-barred encounter with Stacey. Emz swiftly counters it with news of her own adventures from that evening. With Melissa in a rage, Emz is forced to spill and ultimately pay a heavy price for her actions.

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