Tribe of Blondes

Author: Finch, Hadley
Subtitle: Adventures Of Break Up Survivors Seeking Love Online and Happiness in Relationships
Publisher: Authors Publisher (2009)
Pages: 204
Binding: Paperback
Synopsis: Hadley Finch is devastated when her CEO husband leaves her for a much younger woman after two decades of a happy marriage. When her extreme efforts to win back her husband's love fail, Hadley begins a quest for the next great love of her life with the help of her friends-the Tribe Of Blondes. Not a hair color, it is a resilient, hopeful spirit that gives the Tribe its name and fuels their passionate choices and personal triumphs. While exploring the brave world of Internet dating, Hadley meets extraordinary men who present provocative Love Tests: Can a dating friendship spark the Fire Of Love? Should a friendship be sacrificed for a new love? Will a mysterious injury destroy her chance for a new relationship? Will Hadley give up her homeland to live with a Mountain Man? Or will she discover a new secret to live happily ever after? While seeking the answers, Hadley learns from joy. She also endures fiery trials that test her mettle and ultimately melt her heart's armor for amore. Hadley's novel and bonus album are inspired by her real-life journey from lost love to the Fire Of Love. That journey becomes an adventure in the spirit of the Tribe Of Blondes.

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