Author: Rushby, Allison
Publisher: Random House (2008)
Pages: 254
Binding: Paperback
Type: Young Adult
Synopsis: Rich Girls is the hottest, most talked about, highest rating reality show on TV, and Romy and Anouschka—the stars of the show—are living the dream, running from party to party and shopping from country to country. Elli Adamson feels like she's the only person in the world who thinks the Rich Girls are not so hot. When Elli’s mother JJ is headhunted to cook for the Rich Girls, Elli wishes she could pass on the job, but the offer is too good to pass up. Soon enough, Elli and JJ find themselves part of the blondetourage, the behind-the-scenes crew that keep the Rich Girls on the road. Elli is now living a new life, chasing the Rich Girls around the globe, but as she travels she starts to see that reality and reality TV are two very different things indeed.

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