Atomic Blonde

Author: Steele, Monte
Publisher: Playtime Books (1963)
Pages: 160
Binding: Paperback
Number: 639
Synopsis: Neva Book #639
The narrator of Atomic Blonde is Johnny Stone, an insurance fraud investigator in Desert City, Nevada, who happens upon a platinum blonde bombshell with a flat tire and a pink Caddy.  He offers to help fix the flat but she keeps telling him no but, being the ladies man and gentleman he is, with the possibility of getting some blonde pussy, Johnny doesn’t listen to her — and when he opens her trunk to get the jack, he finds the stuff dead body of a man and a diamond head rattlesnake.

The blonde takes off in his car.

Then two thugs try to kill him — they keep trying to kill him throughout the book, which takes place in 48 hours.

In that 48 hours, Johnny has sex with half a dozen women, from maids to whores to the blonde and his own girlfriend, Carol, who has no idea what a pussyhound he is — or does she?  She does get him to marry her in the end.

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