Blondes Die Young

Author: Peters, Bill (Pseudonym) / McGivern, William
Publisher: Dodd Mead & Co (1952)
Binding: Hardcover
Synopsis: She was in her early twenties, a gentle, decent, good-humored girl, with silky blonde hair and honest blue eyes. When she was brutally and sadistically murdered the police moved slowly and cautiously--because it was rumored that she hadn't been as angelic as she appeared, and also because her death seemed to relieve some of Chicago's hoodlums. There was only one man who cared nothing about her past, and even less about the ruthless men who had put a No Trespassing sign around her death. This was Bill Canalli, a violent, cynical private cop, and he was ready and able to tear the city open with his bare hands to get at the men who had killed the girl he loved. The search led him through Chicago's slums, and into the salons of its free-thinking, free-loving set--and always it led to danger.
Notes: Popular Library, pb, 1953 (2)
Popular Library Eagle (G 338) NY, 1959 (3)
Beacon, pb, 1961

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