Waterfront Blonde

Author: Semple, Gordon (Pseudonym) / Neubauer, William A. / King, Waren (Illustratior)
Publisher: Designs Publishing (1953)
Binding: Digest
Synopsis: Intimate Novel #36
 Using her beautiful body as bair, Peggy Harris played men deliberately, cold-bloodedly, the way she played fish, reeling them in with ruthless cunning.
 Then she met the artist, Randy Scott.  Randy, debonair and handsome, did not escape the lure.  But he had a barbed hook or two of his own.
 In the tempest of their passion, hearts and lives were wrecked.  There was Big Tom who, single-handed, could down any three men, and who loved Peggy.  Susie, who loved Big Tom.  Vance, who thought money could buy any woman.  Quinn, who peddled flesh.
 Here is a stiring, storm-tossed saga of ships and men--and wormen who waited for the fleet to come in.
Notes: Beacon (B-352), NY, 1960 (2)

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