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Author Title Publisher Year
Hamilton, Anne A Blonde Bengali Wife Logical Lust Publications 2010
Hamilton, Greg Tall, Blonde And Evil Midwood
Hamilton, John Hitchcock's Blonde Hemlock Books Limited 2009
Hamlin, Bradley Mason / Hell, Lucy (Photographer) California Blonde Black Shark Press 2012
Handler, David The Shimmering Blond Sister Minotaur Books 2010
Hansen, Jim Michael Blond Run Thriller Publishing Group 2010
Harmel, Kristin The Blonde Theory Spot 2007
Harrison, A. Dark Blonde Novella CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2012
Hastings, Robert F. Back When Mary Alice Was Still a Blonde iUniverse 2010
Havens, Candace Dragons Prefer Blondes Berkley 2009
Hawk, Steve Eddio Grogan Dates a Blonde Cleveland Publishing 1954
Hayes, Ernestine Blonde Indian Univeristy of Arizona Press 2006
Henderson, Lauren Too Many Blondes Hodder & Stoughton 1996
Henry, Mike That Blond Girl Midwood 1967
Hewett, Robert The Blonde, the Brunette And The Vengeful Redhead Currency Press Pty Ltd. 2007
Heywood, Joseph Chasing a Blond Moon Globe Pequot Press 2003
Hobart, Robertson (Pseudonym) / Lee, Norman Case of The Shaven Blonde Robert Hale 1959
Holder, Nancy Domino Lady: Blonde Ambition Moonstone 2012
Holland, Marty Blonde Baggage Novel Library 1950
Hollander, Nicole I'm in Training To Be Tall And Blonde St. Martin 1979
Hollenbeck, Carol True Blondes iUniverse 2008
Holliday, Alesia Blondes Have More Felons Berkley 2006
Hollingsworth, Ray Dirty Blonde At The Cash Machine Kiss Production Ltd. 2006
Holt, Tom Blonde Bombshell Little, Brown and Company 2010
Hudson, R. Lofton Grace is Not a Blue Eyed Blond Word Books 1958
Hughes, Dorothy B. The Bamboo Blonde Duell, Sloan and Pearce 1941
Huntington, Jedidiah Vincent (Pseudonym) / Burdette, Charles Blonde and Brunette Or the Gothamite Arcady D. Appleton 1859
Ilyin, Natalia Blonde Like Me Simon & Schuster 2000
Ingstad, Jodi Rae The Blonde on the Prairie Mccleery
James, Brian Zombie Blondes Feiwel & Friends 2008
Janson, Hank Blonde Dupe 1954
Blonde on The Spot Gaywood Press
Take 2 Blondes Compact Books 1967
Jason Blonde and Brunette Chapman & Hall 1941
Jewelya Blonde Rose and the Men Who Wandered Through Her Life Author House 2012
Johnson, Mike Blonde to the Bone Suncoast Pub. 2006
Johnson, Susan Blonde Heat Bantam Books 2002
Johnson, Terry Hitchcock Blonde Bloomsbury 2007
Jones, Lynn Confessions of a Blonde Total Publishing and Media 2011
Jordan, Gail (Pseudonym) / Gaddis, Peggy Blonde and Beautiful Phoenix Press
The Wanton Blonde Knickerbocker Publications 1948
Justice, Lee B. Justice Is Blonde First Publishing 1994
Kaufman, Wolfe I Hate Blondes Simon & Schuster 1946
Kelly, Jack Wild Blonde Beacon Books 1959
Kent, Larry (Pseudonym) / Haring, Don Barely a Blonde Cleveland Publishing 1966
Big Blonde Cleveland Publishing
Blackjack Blonde! Cleveland Publishing 1961
Blonde Angel Cleveland Publishing 1978
Blonde Angel Cleveland Publishing
Blonde for Benny Cleveland Publishing 1954
Blonde Indemnity Cleveland Publishing 1954
Blondes Can Be Bitter! Cleveland Publishing
Blondes Don't Bruise Cleveland Publishing
The Blonde's Stickpin Cleveland Publishing
Bottle Blonde Cleveland Publishing
Honey-Blonde Blues! Cleveland Publishing
One Live Blonde Cleveland Publishing 1956
The Reluctant Blonde Cleveland Publishing 1975
Kerouac, Jack / Allen, Donald (Editor) / Creeley, Robert (Preface) Good Blonde and Others Grey Fox Press 1993
Kerr, Ben (Pseudonym) / Ard, William The Blonde and Johnny Malloy Eagle Books (Popular Library) 1958
King, Ray Bayshore Blonde TWN 2003
Kirby, Paul Honey Blonde King Cobra 1955
Knight, Adam Stone Cold Blonde Signet Books 1951
Knox, Dave Strike The Baby and Kill The Blonde Crown Publishing 2005
Krasney, Samuel A Mania for Blondes Ace Books 1961
Kruger, Paul (Pseudonym) / Sebenthal, Roberta Elizabeth A Bullet for a Blonde Dell Books 1958
Kuenne, Wilhelm Red-Hot Berlin Blonde Epic Books 1962
Kurzon, Peter Carolina Blonde Sacramento Press 1996
Kwitney, Alisa The Dominant Blonde William Morrow and Company, Inc. 2002
Lacy, Ed / Nappi, Rudy (Cover Artist) Blonde Bait Zenith Books 1959
Ladoux, Georges / Dawson, Warrington (Editor) The Kaiser's Blonde Spy Hutchinson and Co. 1934
Lambert, Lee Blonde For Danger Robert Hale 1980
Lankford, Terrill Lee Blonde Lightning Ballantine Books 2005
Lauren, Bill Blonde Danger News Stand Library
Burn, Blonde, Burn Imperial Publishing Co. 1962
Lawrence, Julie Blondes Don't Have All The Fun Paperback Library 1967
Leath, Robert Neal Blondes Play Too Rough William Godwin Inc. 1934
LeBlanc, Maurice The Case of the Golden Blonde Atomic Books 1946
LeBlanc, Maurice / Mattos, Alexander T. De (Translator) The Blonde Lady Doubleday 1910
Lee, Bourke Blonde Interlude Simon & Schuster 1932
Lerman, Eleanor The Blonde on the Train Mayapple Press 2009
Lestrange, Paul Blonde Slaves Curzon Publishing Co 1947
Levine, Laura Killer Blonde Kensington Publishing 2004
Levitch, Rhonda Cooking for Blondes Champion Press 2002
Li, Li Blonde Hair. Black Eyes Under Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House 1991
Lifton, Betsy / Lifton, Karen Not for Blondes Only (Series) Scholastic 1992
Lillington, Kenneth An Ash-Blonde Witch Faber & Faber 1987
Lindholm, G.D. Blondes Love Black Arthur H. Stockwell 1968
Linz, Catie Mad, Bad and Blonde Thorndike Press 2010
Lofaro, Ellie Bonding with the Blonde Women Nexgen 2004
Loos, Anita Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 1 Boni and Liveright 1925
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 2 1925
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 3 1925
Lorraine, Louis Blonde Dynamite Beacon Books 1961
Louw, Gail Blonde Poison Oberon Books 2013
Love, Courtney Dirty Blonde Faber & Faber 2006
Lowe, Barry Atomic Blonde McFarland & Co. 2008
Lowry, Catriona The Blonde The Buddha The Claddagh Original Writing Ltd. 2011
Lox, Angela The Little Book of Blondes O'Mara Books 1999
Lustgarten, Edgar Blondie Iscariot Charles Scribner's Sons 1948
Lyle, Patrice Lethally Blonde Leap Books 2012
Lynford, Richard Sweet, Blonde and Ghoulish Action Comics 1956
The Wayward Blonde Action Comics 1955
Mace, Merlda Blondes Don't Cry Julian Messner 1945
Maclean, Robinson The Baited Blonde M.S. Mill/ William Morrow 1949
Madison, Bennett The Blonde of the Joke HarperTeen 2009
Mann, Calder Spin The Blonde New Chariot Library 1963
Marcy, Jean Dead and Blonde New Victoria Publications 1998
Marin, Arthur Blonde Hellcat Cameo Books 1957
Markwell, Melissa Blonde Pussy Champagne CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2013
Marlowe, Stephen Blonde Bait Avon Books 1959
Marshall, Jill Jane Blonde Pan Macmillan 2006
Marshall, Raymond Blondes' Requiem Jarrolds 1945
Martin, Don Blonde Menace Red Circle 1948
Martin, Nancy / Viets, Elaine / Swanson, Denise / Laurie, Victoria Drop-Dead Blonde Signet Books 2005
Matetsky, Amanda / Johnson, Kim (Cover Artist) Murderers Prefer Blondes Thorndike Press 2003
Mather, Victoria / Macartney-Snape, Sue The Party Blonde John Murray 2000
McDermid, Finlay Kiss the Blonde Goodby Bestseller Mystery 1943
McGill, Nicole Dumb Blonde Black Girl Author House 2011
McLeod, Ken (Pseudonym) / McIlroy, Kimball A Body for a Blonde Harlequin Books 1954
Meisceles, Lynn Blonde Chills Tide Dancer Publications 2009
Mercer, Ian / McLoughlin, Denis (Cover Artist) Epitaph for a Blonde Boardman 1960
Michael, Lewis No Exit for a Blonde Golden Fleece Books 1967
Miller, Bobby Benestrific Blonde Private 1993
Miller, Deborah Kravitz Remnants of Strawberry Blonde Tate Publishing & Enterprises 2013
Moores, DeSacia The Blonde Vampire Moffat, Yard and Co. 1920
Morac, Jules-Jean / Heade, Reginald (Cover Artist) Bertrand and The Blondes Leisure Library 1952
Morgan, Carol E. Blonde Ponderings Author House 2006
Morgan, Diana Blondes Prefer Gentlemen Berkley 1988
Morgan, Michael / Oehman, Len (Cover Artist) The Blonde Body Lion 1949
Morse, A. Hastings Blondes Prefer Gentlemen Dorrance and Co. 1938
Morton, Anthony (Pseudonym) / Creasey, John Deaf, Dumb, and Blonde Doubleday and Co. 1961
Mosley, Walter Blonde Faith Little, Brown and Company 2007
Munier, Paula On Being Blonde Fair Winds Press 2004
Myles, Daine The Blonde Efect iUniverse Inc. 2012
Nelson, Sue / Hollingham, Richard How To Clone The Perfect Blonde Quirk Books 2004
Nimes, Suzanne de Blonde Orion Publishing Group 2006
Niven, Jennifer American Blonde Plume Books 2014
Nocera, Liz / Vogel, Michelle Hollywood Blondes Wasteland Press 2007
Nolte, R.S. Assignment Blonde Run 2012
Noose, Melita Blondes Prefer Gentlemen Stanley Paul 1926
Oates, Joyce Carol Blonde Fourth Estate 2000
O'Connell, Richard (Translator) / Graham, Rigby (Illustratior) Blonde Etan Cog Press 1976
O'connor, Patrick The Amazing Blonde Woman, Dietrich's Own Style Bloomsbury 1992
O'Kane, Sean Blonde Fury Silver Moon Books 2013
Blonde Fury II Silver Moon Books Ltd 2014
Oliver, Ralph Big Blondes Novel Book 1963
Olley, Michelle Blondes Carlton Books Ltd. 2002
Olsen, Greta Inge Natural Blondes Headline Publishing Group 1998
Olson, Toby The Blond Box F2C/Black Ice Books 2003
Oregel, Ernesto Blond Angels Author House 2008
Ormerod, Jayne The Blond Leading the Blond Avalon Books 2011
Oursler, Will Bullets for a Blonde Lawrence E. Spivak 1947
Palmer, M. Earle The Bare Blonde Bee-Line Books 1967
Parker, Dorothy Big Blonde and Other Stories Penguin 1995
Parsons, Barbara P. A Blonde in The Works Bunim & Bannigan Ltd. 2008
Peel, Jan The Bed and the Blonde News Stand Library 1949
Peters, Bill (Pseudonym) / McGivern, William Blondes Die Young Dodd Mead & Co 1952
Phillips, Kathy The Vogue Book of Blondes Pavilion Books 1999
Phillips, Max Fade to Blonde Hard Case Crime 2004
Phillips, Samantha Blonde Ambition Century 1996
Pitman, Joanna On Blondes Bloomsbury 2003
Potts, Joey A Blonde Goes to the Other America Xulon Press
Procter, Maurice Homicide Blonde Harper & Row 1965
Quentin, Patrick / Northcross, John (Cover Artist) The Fate of the Immodest Blonde Pocket Books 1950
Ramsey, Sara Scotsmen Prefer Blondes Sara Ramsey 2012
Ravenscroft, Terry James Blond: Stockport is Too Much Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd. 2011
Raymond, Benn Shakedown Blonde Action Comics 1955
Razio, Rick Blondie Beg Your Bullet M.C. Publications Ltd. 1950
Redding, Chris Blonde Demolition Imajin Books 2011
Redgrove, H. Stanley / Foan, Gilbert a Blonde or Brunette? Heinemann 1929
Reeve, Christopher The Toasted Blonde Collins 1930
Reever, Seth The Little Blond Mascot Star
Reinsmith, Richard The Blonde Target Tower Publications Inc. 1980
Rejto, Jeno / Farkas, Istvan (Translator) / West, Elisabeth (Translator) The Blonde Hurricane Corvina 2003
Remi, Philippe De / Lincy, M. Le Roux De (Editor) The Romance of Blonde of Oxford and Jehan of Dammartin The Camden Society 1858
Remi, Philippe De / Sargent-Baur, Barbara (Translator) Manekine, John and Blonde, and "Foolish Generosity" Pennsylvania State University 2010
Resnick, Laura A Blonde in Africa Alexander Press 1996
Reynolds, Stanley Death Dyed Blonde Quartet Books 2008
Richards, R.P.J. The Blonde Goddess Ken-Pax 1948
Roberto, Nelsa Illegally Blonde Great Plains Publications 2010
Robinson, Dan Pop's Blonde Magpie Books 1943
Rogers, Angela Memoirs of a BBH (Bodacious Blonde Housewife) Lulu 2011
Rogol, Susi Make-Up for Blondes Villard Books 1984
Rollins, Eugene C. Grace Is Not a Blue-Eyed Blond Author House 2008
Roos, Kelley Requiem for a Blonde Dodd Mead & Co 1958
Roos, Kelley / Kalin, Victor (Cover Artist) The Blonde Died Dancing Dodd Mead & Co 1956
Rudd, Alyson Astroturf Blonde Headline Publishing Group 1998
Rushby, Allison Blondetourage Random House 2008
Rusin, Jean Marie Long Silky Blonde Girl Author House 2011
Saber, Robert O. The Affair of The Frigid Blonde Handi-Book 1950
The Deadly Blonde Phantom Books
Sanborn, B.X. (Pseudonym) / Ballinger, William S. The Blonde On Borrowed Time Zenith Books 1960
Sanders, Bruce Blonde Blackmail Herbert Jenkins 1945
Saralegui, Cristina Cristina!: My Life as a Blonde Grand Central Publishing 1998
Sarto, Ben Diamonds for a Blonde E.T.H 1958
Savage Jr., Jim Allen The Blonde Heathen Naylor Company 1951
Schlitz, Linda Larson Ditzy Blonde Faucet Xlibris Corporation 2013
Schultz, Emily The Blondes Doubleday Canada 2012
Scott, Kieran I Was a Non-Blonde Cheerleader G. P. Putnam's Sons. 2005

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