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Author Title Publisher Year
Scott, Kieran A Non-Blonde Cheerleader in Love Putnam Juvenile 2007
Scott, Michael The Bruiser and the Blonde Action Comics 1956
Scottoline, Lisa Dirty Blonde HarperCollins 2006
Seeley, Mabel The Blonde with the Deadly Past Mercury Mystery 1954
Semple, Gordon (Pseudonym) / Neubauer, William A. Blonde Temptress Croyden
Semple, Gordon (Pseudonym) / Neubauer, William A. / King, Waren (Illustratior) Waterfront Blonde Designs Publishing 1953
Serros, Michele Honey Blonde Chica Simon Pulse 2006
Seton, Gerald Blonde Dynamite Phoenix Press 1941
Shadoan, Tonya Don't Let The Blonde Hair Fool You Advantage Media Group 2012
Shafak, Elif / Fisher, Jeff (Illustratior) The Happiness Of Blond People Hay Festival Press 2007
Sheldon, Dyan Tall, Thin and Blonde Candlewich Press 1993
Sheridan, Sheila Blonde on the Hill Santino Inc. 2007
Sherr, Lynn Tall Blondes Andrews McMeel Publishing 1997
Shipley, Nan The Blonde Voyageur Burns and MacEachern 1971
Simpson, Christopher The Spendid Blonde Beast Grove Press 1993
Skin, Dan The Blonde He Never Met Publisher's Consultants 1979
Skinner, Michael Blondes Don't Give a Damn Kozy Book 1963
Slattery, Kevin M. Pearl-Handled Blonde H. John Edwards 1954
Smith, Joan Follow That Blonde Jove 1990
Next Year's Blonde Silhouette Books/Harlequin 1983
Smith, Liz Natural Blonde Hyperion Press 2000
Stangland, Red "Blondie" Official Blonde Jokes Norse Press
Steele, Monte Atomic Blonde Playtime Books 1963
Stein, Art Blonde Red Mustang Slate Roof Press 2005
Steinke, Darcey Suicide Blonde Atlantic Monthly Press 1992
Sterling, Stewart / Engel, Mort (Cover Artist) The Blonde in Suite 14 Avon Books 1958
Stevens, Serita Blondes in Trouble Intrigue Press 2005
Stone, Helen J. We Can't All Be Blondes Harold Vinal, Ltd. 1927
Stonebraker, Florence Naughty Blonde Cameo Books 1951
Story, Jack Trevor The Blonde and the Boodle The Amalgamated Press Ltd. 1957
Sutherland, Rick / Kang, Barb The World's Stupidest Blondes Adams Media Corporation 2008
Swan, Jonathan Blonde Walks Into a Bar Ulysses Press 2008
Swanson, Denise Murder of a Botoxed Blonde Signet Books 2007
Swenson, Peggy (Pseudonym) / Geis, Richard E. / Rader, Paul (Cover Artist) The Blonde Midwood 1960
Swierczynski, Duane The Blonde St. Martin's Press/ Minotaur 2006
Sykes, Plum Bergdorf Blondes Miramax Books 2004
Tarnawsky, Yuriy Three Blondes And Death Fiction Collective 1993
Thompson, Ruth Plumly / Garcia, Alejandro (Illustratior) Blonde Rival Pumpernickel Pickle 2014
Thompson, Vicki Lewis Blonde With a Wand Signet Eclipse 2010
Thompson, Victoria Texas Blonde Splendor 1987
Thornton, Debbie Any Blonde Can Cook Series Quail Ridge Pr 2003
Toliver, Raymond F. / Constable, Trevor J. / Hartmann, Erich The Blonde Knight of Germany Arthur Barker, Ltd. 1970
Tomine, Adrian Summer Blonde Drawn and Quarterly 2002
Toten, Teresa Better Than Blonde Penguin 2009
Beyond Blonde Puffin 2011
Me and The Blondes Puffin 2006
Trimble, Louis Blondes Are Skin Deep Lion Books 1951
Turner, Barbara Blond Chameleon HarperCollins 1986
Vail, John (Pseudonym) / Carse, Robert / Phillips, Barye (Cover Artist) Blond Savage Gold Medal Books 1955
Valentine, Jorge Big Blonde Swede Midwood
Vane, Brett (Pseudonym) Blonde Rod
When Blondes Meet 1953
Vickery, Walt Cleopatra's Blonde Sex Rival France Book 1962
Vijayan, Gigo The Nude Blonde Near The Pond 2000
Vincent, Jay The Barefoot Blonde Fabian Books 1966
Waldman, Anne Sun The Blond Out Arif Press 1975
Waring, Belle Dark Blonde Sarabande Books 1997
Warner, Marina From the Beast To The Blonde Vintage 1995
Watkins, Glen The Hard-Boiled Blonde Phoenix Press 1948
Way, Lester Blonde Death-Strip Action Comics 1955
Weatherall, Ernie Blonde Trap Woodford Press 1954
Webb, Anna / Good, Jo Barking Blondes Octopus Publishing Group 2013
Webb, Jack The Bad Blonde Rinehart & Co. 1956
Weed, Stacy Blond Today Bald Tomorrow Ginger Press 2012
Weldon, Rex Bed-Crazy Blondes! Novel Book 1965
Wetering, Janwillem van de The Blond Baboon Houghton Mifflin 1978
Wharton, Edith The Blond Beast and Other Stories Dodo Press 2008
White, Herb His Baby Blonde Victims Golden Climax
White, Kate Lethally Blond Warner Books 2007
White, William Chapman The Pale Blonde of Sands Street Viking Press 1946
Williams, Conrad Blonde on a Stick Max Crime 2010
Wilson, Edmund Red Black Blond and Olive Oxford 1956
Wilstach, John / Rodewald (Cover Artist) Bedtime Blonde Quarter Books 1950
Wilstach, John / Wilstack, John Blonde Tigress News Stand Library 1950
Winston, Daoma Runaway Blonde Universal Publishing & Distributing 1953
Winter, Bevis Blondes End Up Dead Herbert Jenkins 1960
Wixon, Lisa Dirty Blonde and Half-Cuban HarperCollins/Rayo 2005
Wolson, Morton / Paige, Peter (Pseudonym) The Nightmare Blonde Pocket Books 1988
Woodland, Rebecca The Blonde Vegetarian Island Heritage Publishing 2010
Worrall, Jill A Blonde in The Bazaar New Holland 2003
Wright, Wade Blonde Target Robert Hale 1966
Wyse, Lois Blonde, Beautiful Blonde Evans & Company, Inc. 1980
Yardley, Herbert O. The Blonde Countess Longmans, Green and Company 1934
Yates, Paula Blondes Michael Joseph 1983
Young, Chic Blonde and Dagwood's Marvelous Invention Whitman Publishing Company 1947
Blonde and Dagwood's Snapshot Clue Whitman Publishing Company 1943
Blondie and Dagwood Adventures in Magic Whitman Publishing Company 1944
Blondie and Dagwood's Secret Service Whitman Publishing Company 1942
Blondie's Family Wonder Books 1954
Zakour, John / Ganem, Lawrence The Plutonium Blonde Daw Books 2001

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