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Author Title Publisher Year
Adams, Harold The Ditched Blonde Walker and Co. 1995
Addis, Galyn Be Marilyn! a Glamorous Guide to Living Blonde Sourcebooks 2000
Allbeury, Ted Palomino Blonde Peter Davies 1975
Allegra, Donna Witness to the League of Blond Hip Hop Dancers Alyson Publications 2000
Ammons, Pat Faithless Blonde Beacon Books 1965
Anonymous Blackman's Blonde Star Distributors 1980
Blonde Sphere 1984
Blonde and Brunette D. Appleton and Co. 1858
Blonde in Training Erotic Visions 1996
Blonde Pet Star Distributors 1993
Blonde Slavegirl Star Distributors 1993
Blonde Squad: Issue 1
Blondes Have More Fun...Cooking
Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Blondes But Were Too Dumb To Ask 1991
Anonymous / DeMullotto (Illustratior) Black Sadist's Blonde Captive
Anthony, Maggy / Anthony, Gene (Photographer) Impossibly Blonde iUniverse 2004
Applegate, Katherine Beach Blondes Simon Pulse 2008
Ayers, Sidney Demons Prefer Blondes Sourcebooks 2011
Bacarr, Jina The Blonde Geisha Harlequin Books/ Spice 2006
The Blonde Samurai Harlequin Books/ Spice 2010
Bagg, Helen F. That Blonde Person Penn Publishing Co. 1912
Baipsys, Laima Dead Blonde iUniverse Inc. 2007
Baker, John Thomas The Green and The Blonde Lost Wages Publishing Co. 2013
Bakes, Barry Bazza's Beaut Book of Gut-Busting Great Grub for Bachelors, Blondes, Bimbos and Blokes with Half a Brain People Maintenance 2013
Barker, K.J. Dyed Blonde CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2013
Barrington, Fleur Blonde Moments Michael O'Mara Books 2008
Bartholomew, Nancy Lethally Blonde Silhouette Books/Harlequin 2005
Bassel, Lori Real Blonde Stories iUniverse 2011
Baty, Robert The Blonde in The Lotus Elite Buckley Publishing 2011
Beckman, Kelly Chance Blondes and Other Dangerous Women Lulu 2008
Bego, Mark Madonna: Blonde Ambition Three Rivers Press 1992
Bell, Cindy A Dyed Blonde And a Dead Body CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2013
Bennardo, Charlotte / Zaman, Natalie Blonde Ops: A Novel St. Martin's Griffin 2014
Bennett, Hall Blonde Mistress Pyramid Books 1949
Blonde Peril Phoenix Press 1947
Bennett, Robert Ames The Blond Beast The Reilly & Britton Co. 1918
Benson, Ben The Blonde in Black William Morrow and Company, Inc. 1958
Bernard, Susan (Editor) Blondes! Grand Central Publishing 1995
Binswanger, Lee / Robbins, Trina (Forward) Canned Blondes Puzzled Squirrel Press 2012
Black, Benjamin (Pseudonym) / Banville, John / Pelham, Jonathan (Cover Artist) The Black Eyed Blonde Henry Holt and Co. 2014
Blackburn, Virginia Blonde with Attitude Corgi 1997
Blackford, Katherine M.H. Blondes and Brunets Review Of Reviews Company 1916
Blake, Joe Murder is Never Pretty... Even When the Corpse is a Blonde Warrigal Press 2006
Blanco, Rubio (Pseudonym) / Murray, H. Doyle / Roswell, N.M. That Blonde Dream and Other Wampus Creek Mysteries 1920
Bledsoe, Alex The Sword-Edged Blonde Nightshade Books 2007
Bleeck, G.C. Discontented Blonde Action Comics 1956
Grab a Blonde Action Comics 1954
Bleeck, G.C. / Chatto, Keith (Cover Artist) Million Dollar Blonde Action Comics 1955
Bloch, Konrad Blondes in Venetian Paintings, the Nine-Banded Armadillo, and Other Essays Yale University Press 1997
Bocca, Al Blonde Dynamite Scion 1950
Bolton, Ken Blonde and French Island Press 1978
Books, Ariel It's Not Easy Being Blonde Andrews McMeel 2004
Boswell, Carol / Skenazy, Lenore Who's The Blonde That Married What's-His-Name? Penguin 2009
Boyer, Pamela Blonde Flames Key Publishing 1956
Brett, Martin Blonds Are My Trouble Popular Library 1955
Brody, Marc (Pseudonym) Blonde at Bay Horwitz 1959
Brody, Marc (Pseudonym) / Williams, W.H. Blonde Cries Blackmail Horwitz 1957
A Blonde for My Punch-Line Horwitz Publications 1957
Blueprints for a Blonde Horwitz Publications 1957
Bulletin Blonde Horwitz 1955
Libel Was a Blonde Horwitz 1957
Obituary Blonde Horwitz 1957
Brody, Marc (Pseudonym) / Williams, W.H. / Belbin, Phillip (Cover Artist) Late Final Blonde Horwitz 1958
Brown, Amanda Elle Woods Beach Blonde Hyperion Press 2006
Legally Blonde Author House 2001
Brown, Amanda / Standiford, Natalie Elle Woods Blonde Love Hyperion Press 2007
Elle Woods Blonde at Heart Hyperion Press 2006
Brown, Carter (Pseudonym) Blonde Avalanche Horwitz 1984
Blonde on a Broomstick Horwitz 1966
Blonde on the Rocks Horwitz Publications 1963
Blonde Verdict Horwitz 1956
Blonde, Bad, and Beautiful Horwitz 1957
Blondes Prefer Bullets 1952
No Blonde is an Island Horwitz 1965
The Two Timing Blonde Horwitz 1955
The Up-Tight Blonde Horwitz 1970
Brown, Carter (Pseudonym) / Yates, Alan G. Blonde Beautiful and Blam! Horwitz 1956
The Blonde Horwitz 1958
The Strawberry-Blonde Jungle Signet Books 1978
The Streaked-Blonde Slave Signet Books 1969
Brown, Fredric / Nourse, Alan E. (Introduction) Who Was That Blonde I Saw You Kill Last Night Dennis McMillan Publications 1988
Brown, Horace / McLoughlin, Denis (Cover Artist) The Corpse was Blonde Red Arrow Books (T.V. Broadman) 1950
Brown, William S. The Blond Eye Author House 2003
Buffington, James The Ultimate Book Of Blonde, Brunette, and Redhead Jokes Ulysses Press 2010
Burgess, Anthony But Do Blondes Prefer Gentlemen? McGraw-Hill 1986
Bush, Christopher The Case Of The Platinum Blonde Macmillan 1949
Bushnell, Candace 4 Blondes Atlantic Monthly Press 2000
Buskin, Richard Blonde Heat Billbard Books 2001
Byron, George Anson / Graham, Maria Voyage of H.M.S. Blonde to the Sandwich Islands, in the Years 1824-1825 John Murray 1826
Cabell, Robert W. Blonde Jokes, Jayms Blonde Jokes and Blonde Bon Mots in Living Color Warrington Publications 2013
The Hair-Raising Adventures of Jayms Blonde iUniverse Inc. 2007
Carter, Ralph Blonde Venus Knickerbocker Publications 1945
Casey, Thomas G. Beaches, Blondes and Bellhops Author House 2008
Cassidy, Carla Get Blonde Silhouette Bombshell
Cassidy, Dakota You Dropped a Blonde on Me Berkley 2010
Cave, Hugh B. / Bauman, Jill (Cover Artist) Bottled in Blonde Fedogan & Bremer 2000
Chambers, Dana (Pseudonym) Blood on The Blonde Jonathan Press 1941
Chambers, Dana (Pseudonym) / Leffingwell, Albert The Blonde Died First Dial Press 1941
Chambers, Peter The Blonde Wore Black Robert Hale 1968
Chan, Jasmin / Shakespeare, John (Illustratior) Adult Only Blonde Jokes Hinkler Books 2005
Che, Cathay / Harry, Deborah Deborah Harry: Platinum Blonde Andre Deutsch Ltd 2001
Cobey, Herbert T. The Blonde Corinthian Farrar, Straus & Young 1951
Cohen, Nancy J. Died Blonde Kensington Publishing 2004
Cole, Derek Blonde on Ice Horwitz 1958
Collins, Sheila Hebert / Soper, Patrick (Illustratior) Jolie Blonde and The Three Heberts Pelican 1999
Collison, Wilson Blonde Baby Robert M. McBride & Co. 1931
Colohan, Charles E. Overnight Blonde Quarter Books 1949
Condon, Bryce Blonde Blues CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2011
Connelly, Michael The Concrete Blond Little, Brown and Company 1994
Conrad III, Barnaby The Blonde Chronicle Books 1999
Conrad, Tod Bar-Nothing Blonde Horwitz 1957
Blonde for Ambush Horwitz 1958
Cooper, T. Lipshitz Six, or Two Angry Blondes E.P. Dutton 2006
Coppock, Selena The New Rules for Blondes It Books 2013
Corn, David Blond Ghost Simon & Schuster 1994
Corricelli, Lloyd L. Two Redheads And a Dead Blonde CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2014
Corrigan, Mark The Wayward Blonde Werner Laurie 1950
Cosby, Rita Blonde Ambition Grand Central Publishing 2007
Coulter, Adam Uninhibited Blonde Novel Book 1962
Crane, Frances The Daffodil Blonde Random House 1950
Creighton, John The Blonde Cried Murder Ace Double 1961
The Wayward Blonde Ace Books 1958
Cristi, R. 100% Blonde Jokes Psylon Press 2010
Curcio, Vincent Suicide Blonde: The Life of Gloria Grahame William Morrow and Company, Inc. 1989
Daly, Sheila John Blondes Prefer Gentlemen Dodd Mead & Co 1958
Dampier, Robert To the Sandwich Islands on H.M.S. Blonde University Press of Hawaii 1971
Dana, Rebecca Jujitsu Rabbi And The Godless Blonde Amy Einhorn Books/Putnam 2013
Davis, Richard Vermin Blond Victor Gollancz 1991
Dean, Zoey Blonde Ambition Little, Brown and Company 2004
Dees, Marie Love is Blond Hard Shell Word Factory 2006
Dekker, Carl The Blonde is a Hurricane Calvert 1955
Dembro, Matthew Watchful Blonde iUniverse 2007
Dent, Lester The Weird Adventures of the Blond Adder Altus Press 2013
Denver, Paul The Falling Blonde Star 1975
Derby, Mark (Pseudonym) / Wilcox, Harry Ghost Blonde Viking Press 1960
Desoto, John Unnatural Blonde Delta 1997
Deval, Jacques .... And Blondes Prefer Paris Devambez 1930
Devlin, George (Pseudonym) / Smith, George Henry Blonde Vixen Midwood 1978
Dodge, H.L. Attraction Of the Compass or The Blonde Eskimo Seaside Printing Co. 1916
Dolson, Hildegarde Adventures Of a Light-Headed Blonde Hammond & Co. 1964
Douglas, Carole Nelson (Editor) Marilyn: Shades of Blonde Forge 1998
Dow, John The Blonde Is Dead Handi-Book 1945
Drescher, Aviva Leggy Blonde Gallery Books 2014
Duffy, Stella Beneath the Blonde Mask Noir 1997
Duponte, Ingah / Stute, Lela Lebree The Big, Bad Blonde American Star Books 2010
Duran, Helen C. / Keen, Helen C. Blonde Chicana Bride's Mexican Cookbook Filter Press 1981
Dyer, Walter Don't Bet on Blondes Midwood 1963
Easlea, Daryl / Fiegel, Eddi Madonna: Blond Ambition Backbeat Books
East, Carl Blonde and Wet the Complete Story CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2012
Easton, Paul The Blonde V.I.P. Cougar Books 1960
Echenoz, Jean / Polizzotti, Mark Big Blondes New Press 1995
Eden, Rob (Pseudonym) / Bliss, Adam (Pseudonym) / Burkhardt, Robert F. / Burkhardt, Eve Blonde Trouble Readers Library
Edgar, Keith The Case Of the Incendiary Blonde National Publishing Company 1945
Edgley, Leslie One Blonde Died Bestseller Mystery 1953
Elcord, Don Cheap Blonde Midwood 1971
Elwood, Pat A Blonde to Trade Vega Books 1970
Eminem Angry Blonde ReganBooks 2000
Enoch, Suzanne Billionaires Prefer Blondes HarperCollins/Avon 2006
Estleman, Loren D. Poison Blonde Forge 2003
Evaristo, Bernardine Blonde Roots Hamish Hamilton 2008
Fawcett, F. Dubrez Back Alley Blonde Griff 1951
Finch, Hadley Tribe of Blondes Authors Publisher 2009
Fitzgerald, F. Scott The Paroxide Blonde Matthew J. And Arlyn Bruccoli Collection 2007
Fleischman, A.S. The Venetian Blonde Fawcett Gold Medal Books 1963
Flick, Francis The Only Blonde Invincible Press
Flynn-Hui, Kathleen Beyond the Blonde Grand Central Publishing 2005
Foster, Richard (Pseudonym) / Crossen, Kendal Foster Blonde and Beautiful Popular Library 1955
Fox, Astrid Snow Blonde Virgin Black Lace 2002
Fox, Hank P. All Classic Blonde Jokes CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2010
Freeling, Nicolas Aupres De Ma Blonde Harper & Row 1972
Frewin, Leslie Blond Venus MacGibbon & Kee 1955
Fuller, William Brad Dolan's Blonde Cargo Dell Books 1957
Gardner, Erle Stanley The Blonde in Lower Six Carroll & Graf 1990
The Case of the Black-Eyed Blonde William Morrow and Company, Inc. 1944
The Case Of The Blonde Bonanza William Morrow and Company, Inc. 1962
The Clue of the Runaway Blonde William Morrow and Company, Inc. 1947
Garrett, Samantha Little Blond Exorcist Publishamerica Ind. 2009
Garth, Jennie / Heckman, Emily Deep Thoughts From a Hollywood Blonde New American Library 2014
Gault, William Campbell The Sweet Blonde Trap Zenith Books 1959
Geha, Joseph Lebanese Blonde Univeristy of Michigan 2012
Geibel, James The Blond Brother Putnam Juvenile 1978
George, Peter Come Blonde, Come Murder Harlequin Books 1953
Gibson, Walter B. A Blonde for Murder Vital Publications 1948
Gilkes, Sue / Lamoon, Audra Blondes in Business Ecademy Press 2009
Gilmore, John Fetish Blonde Creation Books 1999
Glaser, Alfred B. Platinum Blonde Dollar Double 1962
Glinto, Darcy (Pseudonym) / Kelly, Harold Blonde, Cute and Wicked Moring 1956
Godbersen, Anna The Blonde Weinstein Books 2014
Godey, John Blonde Betrayer Bestseller Mystery 1951
Goodis, David The Blonde on the Street Corner Lion Books 1954
Goodwin, Paul Blonde Ambition CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Gordon, Luther / Gross, George (Cover Artist) Wolf Trap Blonde Quarter Books 1948
Granlund, Nils Thor / Feder, Sid / Hancock, Ralph Blondes, Brunettes, and Bullets David McKay 1957
Grant, Richard Boarding House Blonde Knickerbocker Publications 1936
Gray, Berkeley (Pseudonym) / Brooks, Edwy Searles Blonde For Danger Collins 1943
Grimshaw, Beatrice Missing Blondes Invincible Press 1945
Hale, Laura Desperate Blond Beacon Books
Halliday, Brett (Pseudonym) / Dresser, Davis The Blonde Cried Murder Dodd Mead & Co 1956
Weep for a Blonde Dodd Mead & Co 1957

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