The Tick of the Clock

Author: Herbert Asbury
Publisher: The Modern Publishing Company, London [193?]
Pages: 254
1st Published: Macy-Masius (N.Y.), 1928; Brentano's (London), 1928
Dust Jacket by: G.P. Micklewright
No.: 680
Synopsis: An Inspector Thomas Conroy story.
“The Tick of the Clock” is a conventional police procedural, as calmly paced and logical as the title device. Conroy is brought in to investigate the murder of a man named Walton, who was apparently killed with a pistol while reading letters in the library of his home, on West Sixty-eighth Street. Walton was wealthy and high-living but not much liked; there are numerous suspects. Asbury walks the reader through the investigation, allowing us to see the evidence as Conroy does. Eventually, Conroy gathers all of the suspects in a room, and interrogates them one at a time. In the course of the interrogation, Conroy sets up a trap that prompts the murderer to reveal himself. (Source)
Notes: Red boards with black lettering on spine.
Endpapers are advertisments for Dr. J. Collis Browne's Chlorodyne (FEP) and M.P. Malcolm Ross (REP).

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