The Pace That Kills

Author: Nat Gould
Publisher: The Modern Publishing Company, London [193?]
Pages: 254
1st Published: 1899
Dust Jacket by: G.P. Micklewright
No.: 705
Synopsis: The squire of Hereford Hall, with its magnificent racing stables, had lived life at "the pace that kills", and his son was doing the same. He and his cousin, owner the the adjoining estate, are rivals both in love and on the racecourse. One cousin goes to Naples to win his bride, and the other plots revenge. Drama at the Hall ensues, and the secret of its mysterious lady is revealed. Virtue triumphs, and all is satisfactorily resolved in the end.
A gripping tale, well paced with fully drawn characters. A real page turner. One of Nat Gould's very best. (TA) (Source)
Notes: First published by Routledge.

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