Stuck Up

Author: Nat Gould
Publisher: The Modern Publishing Company, London [193?]
1st Published: 1894
Dust Jacket by:
No.: 670
Synopsis: The story is set in the wild mountains of Victoria in the 1870s. Kitty Carey and her two brothers live in a lonely forest cabin. Harassed by unscrupulous policemen, the brothers drift into crime and become bushrangers, stealing horses and cattle. Finally a bank is "stuck up". Sadly so are they. The brothers become outlaws, based in a secret hideout.
Nat Gould has written what seems impossible - a story with outlawed criminals as true heroes. The tale is superbly written, galloping away at a cracking pace. Not a scene or character is irrelevant. Even the settings form part of the story. There are (naturally) lots of horses, but the tense racecourse scenes are essential to the story. A thrilling tale from the master story teller. Among the best of Nat's novels - perhaps the very best. (TA) (Source)
Notes: First published by Routledge.

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