Francis Sheridan

A Selected Chronology



1724     Born Frances Chamberlaine, youngist of 5 children: 3 brothers (Walter, Richard, William) and 1 sister (Anne)

1739     Eugenia and Adelaide written at about age 15

1746     Theatre riot instigated by Thomas Sheridan (Kelly's Riot)

             "The Owls" poem published in Dublin newspaper in defence of Thomas Sheridan in respect of the Affair in the Theatre.

1747       Married Thomas Sheridan (?1719-1788)

            son: Thomas Sheridan born

1750     Thomas Sheridan dies (3 yrs old)

            son: Charles Francis Sheridan born

1751     son: Richard Brinsley Sheridan born

1753     daughter Alicia Sheridan born

1754     March 2:theatre riot - destruction of playhouse

            Son: birth of Sackville Sheridan. Dies three months old.

            Nov: move to London

1756    Oct: move back to Ireland

1758    Move to London for business reasons

            daughter Elizabeth Sheridan born. The only child born in outside of Ireland.

1761    Memoirs of Miss Sidney Bidulph published anonymously, (London & Dublin)

1763    The Discovery (play) staged Drury Lane 3 Feb 1763

The Dupe (play staged in Dec 1763 but removed after 3 nights

1764    Oct: move to France due to financial difficulties. Settled in Blois.

The Dupe (published)

             "Ode to Patience" poem

            Conclusion of the Memoirs of Miss Sidney Biddulph written

1765    A Trip to Bath (play) rejected and published in 1890

1766    Francis Sheridan dies 26 August. (42 years) in Blois, France after a 2 week illness.


1767    The History of Nourjahad published

1767    Conclusion of the Memoirs of Miss Sidney Biddulph published

1791    Eugenia and Adelaide published

1824    granddaughter Alicia LeFanu published biography of Francis Sheridan

1877    Nourijahad dramatized by Sophis Lee

Thomas Sheridan (1747-1750)

Charles Francis Sheridan (1750-1806)

Richard Brinsley Sheridan (1751-1816)

Alicia Sheridan Lefanu (1753-1817)

Sackville Sheridan (1754)

Elizabeth Sheridan Lefanu (1758-1837)