The OBC was not established as a publishing society. Never the less, it has-- out of a mutual love of books--issued two compendia based on meeting presentations and members articles. Some back issues of Miscellany 2 can still be obtained.

Miscellany 1 Papers on Books and Book Collecting (Ottawa, 1987, pp 96)

Out of Print

Table of Contents
A Tribute to Clifford Bingham ThebergeEdward S. St. John
The Newton SaleGeorge B. Allen
An Appreciation: Robert GibbingsRick Simison
"Divers Truthes"George B. Allen
William R. BirdLarry Sainsbury
Collecting NapoleonicaNorman Gridgeman
Points on Book CollectingPeter Greig
The Book-Binding StudioNicole Marchand
Collecting Graphic ImprintsEdward S. St. John
OmnianaGeorge B. Allen
Glengarry ForeverEdward S. St. John

Miscellany 2 Further Papers on Books and Book Collecting (Ottawa, 1994, pp. 149)

Out of Print

Table of Contents
In Memorian -- George Bertram AllenJohn Millons
Remembering George AllenEdward S. St. John
In Memoriam -- Gordon CampbellAudrey D. Campbell
The Search for a Particular Collecting InterestNicole G. Marchand
The Last Lifeboat--Myths and Mysteries of the TitanicHarry D. W. Wethey
Book TheftsGeorge B. Allen
The Literature of Canals and Inland WaterwaysWilliam D. Jenkins
Finding Books in Odd Places--A Guide to the Poor CollectorVelma S. Franklin
The Economics of Canadian AgricultureRay D. Bollman
The Reluctant Physician-Abraham Gesner, A BiobibliographyFranklyn H. Hicks
Suprise, Suprise!Alina and Thomas Schweitzer
That Crafty, Greedy, Pompous Old Rascal-A Word to the WiseGeorge B. Allen
George B. Allen: BookmanPeter E. Greig

Miscellany 3 Coming some day.


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