WHITE CIRCLE -  A Graphical Bibliography 

Information on this site was obtained from a variety of sources:

1. My personal collection.
2. Book sellers, in person and from the internet. My prefered search engine is viaLibri.
3. Auctions and auction records. Americana Exchange and eBay are two sources.

Some additional souces of information include:

a) Doug Sulipa's Comic World
This site has information on many vintage paperbacks, including White Circle's.

b) University of Calgary The Canadian Paperback Collection. This includes information on Harlequins, White Circle, and other Canadian paperback publishers. Few libraries maintain a paperback collection, let alone a Canadian paperback collection. It's nice to see that U of C is doing so.

c) The Dusty Bookcase blog by Brian Busby explores obscure and forgotten Canadian publishing. White Circle shows up there occasionally.

d) Fly-By-Night is a blog dealing with Canadian paperback publishing in the 1940's and 50's. The best White Circle information is to be found here.


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